Sustainability at Mines

The mission of the Colorado School of Mines is education and research in engineering and science to solve the world’s challenges related to the earth, energy, and environment.

Help save the planet during spring break! Did you know that powering buildings is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption in the world? You can help to reduce the campus environmental impact by unplugging all electronics in your room/office over the break, including computers, projectors, printers, chargers, etc. To learn more and sign up, click here!

March Sustainability Events:

March 21 – International Day of Forests

March 21 – World Planting Day

March 21 – World Wood Day

March 22 – World Water Day

Take the opportunity to sponsor or plant a tree! 


Sustainability News



Groundbreaking: Colorado School of Mines’ Residence Hall

Utility Dashboard Goes Live!
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Check out the NEW utility dashboard with energy data on 31 buildings across the Mines campus.  Want to see how much we’re saving as a campus or pull utility data for a class project?  Check it out to see what’s possible!  Log in to your People.Power.Planet account and click on the “View All Campus Progress” button to get to the dashboard.

Sustainable Lab Opportunity – Shut the Sash!

In Colorado, a single open fume hood can consume as much energy as one home! The high energy use is due to fresh, conditioned air constantly being exhausted through them to the outdoors. An easy way to reduce the energy consumption of a fume hood is to SHUT THE SASH when not in use.

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Curious About Recycling in Colorado?

Are you curious about what actually happens to your recyclables after it is whisked away by Alpine Waste? Do you wonder what is actually recyclable or whether or not that bit of peanut butter in the jar makes it unrecyclable?

If these are questions you normally find yourself asking, see here for an article by Xandra McMahon about how Colorado’s single-stream recycling infrastructure actually works.