Sustainability at Mines

The mission of the Colorado School of Mines is education and research in engineering and science to solve the world’s challenges related to the earth, energy, and environment.

Academics and Research

Learn about how Mines is working toward a greener future through cutting-edge research and novel curricula.


Learn about how Mines is working to be a steward of the environment through campus-wide initiatives and green operations.

Get Involved

Learn how Mines is working to build a sustainable campus culture that will help students live in a more environmentally-friendly way.

Campus Initiatives

Learn what initiatives Mines is pledging to in order to champion a more sustainable future for the campus.

Sustainability Starter Kit


Whether you’re new to campus or returning, we should all strive to be a bit more green this year! If you’re interested in learning how, check out our new Sustainability Starter Kit! Let’s make Fall 2020 the greenest semester yet!

Campus Sustainability Month

October is Campus Sustainability Month. Mines is celebrating by hosting solar tours, Sustainability Talks, Residence Hall Challenges, sustainable Homecoming events and nature hikes. For more information, visit Campus Sustainability Month.

Green Labs Program

Interested in making your research lab more sustainable? Talk to our Green Labs team to find out how you can reduce the environmental impact of your lab while saving money and resources. Visit Mines Green Lab Program.

A Word From the President


At Mines, our sustainability efforts are focused in three main areas:  teaching, research, and facilities. Students from nearly every discipline have opportunities to take courses that relate environmental issues to society, culture, engineering, and applied sciences.

Mines faculty are engaged in a broad spectrum of sustainability-related research projects, ranging from water purification research to the development of photovoltaic technologies.

Our facilities team is changing the way our campus runs and operates, emphasizing efficiency and cost-savings, in addition to conservation.