Green Labs

Laboratories are one of the primary waste generators at universities around the world and use an enormous amount of energy. Thus, the implementation of green laboratory initiatives in integral to the development of universities in the future.



In an effort to reduce the university’s environmental footprint, Mines is committed to pursuing sustainable operations in its laboratories. Check out the links below to see how other organizations and universities are working to promote the development of green labs!

My Green Lab

My Green Lab is a non-profit organization based out of California. My Green Lab is committed to encouraging sustainable practices in laboratories by offering Green Lab Certifications, resources for labs to become more sustainable, and design challenges intended to promote a culture of sustainability.

Lab Conscious

Lab Conscious is an open resource web site intended to help scientists make their laboratory practices more sustainable. Lab Conscious regularly produces case studies on green lab initiatives, explaining how green laboratory practices can, in fact, be economical.

Green Lab Certification

Mines laboratories are challenged to become Green Lab Certified by adhering to the criteria outlined by My Green Lab. Click above to see an overview of the topics covered in the assessment required to ear Green Lab Certification.