Sustainability Research on Campus

Renewable Energy Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

Director – Craig Taylor
Co-Director —  Reuben Collins
Official REMRSEC Website
REMRSEC focuses on transformative materials innovation and educational directions that will significantly impact the emerging renewable energy technologies. The center is organized around two interdisciplinary research groups. The first will concentrate on harnessing unique properties of nanostructured materials to significantly enhance the performance of photovoltaic devices. The second Interdisciplinary research group will explore advanced composite membranes for renewable energy applications. The project involves the evaluation of clathrate structures as potential materials for hydrogen storage. A strategic partnership with scientists and engineers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will allow sharing of students, research associates, equipment and facilities between the two organizations. In addition, more than a dozen companies actively involved in alternative energy will partner with the center. The center will also collaborate with two internationally known academic partners: University of New South Wales and Imperial College, University of London.

Colorado Fuel Cell Center

Director – Neal Sullivan
Official CFCC Website
CFCC seeks to advance fuel-cell research, development, and commercialization and to promote business opportunities in Colorado. The day-to-day activities of the center are handled by a director. All contracting and business activities are conducted through Colorado School of Mines.

Colorado Renewable Energy Research Collaboratory

Official Colorado Renewable Energy Research Collaboratory Website
The Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory is a research partnership among the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Colorado’s premier research universities — Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Reinventing the nations urban water infrastructure

Official ReNuWit Website

ReNUWIt is an interdisciplinary, multi-institution engineering research center. Our goal is to change the ways we manage urban water.  Colorado School of Mines, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, New Mexico State University.

Advanced Control of Energy and Power Systems

Director – Marcelo Simoes
Official ACEPS Website
ACEPS focuses on intelligent control systems; real-time monitoring and advanced diagnostic systems; artificial intelligence; advanced acoustic, optical and electromechanical sensors; pollution reduction; transformers and breakers monitoring; smart substations; power quality; nondestructive evaluation; advanced power electronics; remote sensing, security, and control.

Advanced Water Technology Center

Director – Jorg Drewes
Associate Director –Tzahi Cath
Official AQWATEC Website
The mission of AQWATEC is to develop novel water treatment processes enabling sustainable and energy efficient utilization of impaired water sources for potable and non-potable water supplies

Center for Environmental Risk Assessment

Director – James Ranville
Official CERA Website
CERA promotes and enhances environmental risk assessment research and educational activities at Mines. By bringing diverse interdisciplinary expertise to bear on problems in environmental risk assessment, the center facilitates the development of significantly improved, scientifically-based approaches for estimating human and ecological risks for using the results of such assessments.

Center for Solar and Electronic Materials

Director – Reuben Collins
Official CSEM Website
CSEM explores research and education in solar and electronic materials and technology. The center facilitates interdisciplinary collaborations across the Mines campus and fosters interactions with national laboratories, industries, public utilities, and other universities. It also serves to guide and strengthen the electronic materials curriculum.

Integrated Groundwater Modeling Center

Director – Reed Maxwell
Official IGWMC Website
IGWMC is an internationally oriented information, education and research center for ground-water modeling. IGWMC advises on ground-water modeling problems, distributes ground-water modeling software, organizes short courses and workshops, conducts research in practical, applied areas of ground-water hydrology and modeling, and provides technical assistance on problems related to ground-water modeling. As a focal point for ground-water professionals, the center supports and advances the appropriate use of quality-assured models in ground-water resources protection and management.

Power Systems Engineering Research Center

Director – P.K. Sen
Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC)
Mines is a member of the PSERC university collaboratory. The “Research Group on the Advanced Control of Energy and Power Systems” group at Colorado School of Mines  pursues both fundamental and applied research in the interrelated fields of conventional electric power/energy systems and machinery, renewable energy resources, distributed power generation, energy economics and policy, power electronics and power quality.