Surplus Property at Mines

Surplus Property at Mines is disposed of using sustainable methods whenever possible.

Submit a work order for property pickup here.  When submitting a work order for surplus property, please indicate if the items are working or non-working.

Proceeds from the sale of surplus property fund our campus Green Fund and sustainability related research on campus. It also helps recover costs associated with disposal of e-waste and other surplus equipment.


Complete a CCIT work order at for the wiping and removal of any hard drives. For working computers, ask CCIT to wipe the hard drive and return to the system for resale purposes. The hard drives will be wiped again when they reach the state auction warehouse at CU Boulder.

Capital Equipment (over $5,000)

Property Disposition and Resale Form

For disposal of equipment that has a CSM white property tag, you must submit a Property Disposal and Resale Form to the Controller’s office prior to contacting the Facilities Management department or CCIT. Download the Property Disposition and Resale form above. Attach the signed form to the work order for pickup as an attachment. 

Lab Equipment

For disposal of non-working and working lab equipment, please submit a work order for pickup. The work order will be sent to EHS for review prior to disposal. Please indicate on the work order for surplus property disposal if the equipment is working or non-working.

For large equipment that requires special equipment to move, it could take several weeks so plan for 30 days in advance for heavy and/or large lab equipment disposal.

Download our laser disposal guide here.

Large Items

Some large items like commercial ovens,  vehicles and large microscopes are sold through the online auction website. Please submit a work order for working surplus property disposal and we will get the process started for online sales. Plan for 30 days prior to removal.


Mines does not store used furniture and the state auction house does not have space to store it either. There is a furniture reuse list in Teams where gently used furniture can be listed for reuse on campus. Submit a work order for furniture pick up (link at top of page).

Electronic waste

Mines is required by law to recycle all electronic waste generated by the university because the state has deemed it hazardous waste. Mines uses contractors that are certified e-waste disposal companies. Submit a work order (link found at top of this page) for e-waste pickup. Please indicate if it is working or not.

E-waste contains heavy metals like lead and mercury and other harmful constituents that have the potential to contaminate soil and groundwater if not managed and disposed of properly.

E-waste examples:

  • Computers
  • Televisions
  • Washing machines
  • Refrigerators
  • Cell phones
  • Video Games
  • Electric Irons
  • Fans
  • CFL tubelights
  • Vaping devices
Restricted Items

Some items cannot be sent to Surplus Property if they contain hazardous waste and other issues. Please contact Environmental Health & Safety if you are not certain. EHS can also test the equipment if necessary. Examples include

  • Liquids (cleaning supplies, paints, aerosols, and lab chemicals)
  • Toxic, Corrosive, Reactive, or Flammable Material
  • Radioactive material
  • Biological material
  • An unknown substance
  • Refrigerant in original containers
  • Lead painted materials for salvage
  • Equipment containing Mercury switches
  • Any pressurized container
  • Any medical or lab sharps
  • Any previously used medical/dental equipment

The procedures and policies below do not apply to personal owned property by students and staff. For more details on how to dispose of personal property, visit the e-waste section on our recycling page.