Eco-conscious Student Organizations

Student Organizations for Sustainability

The Colorado School of Mines hosts a variety of student organizations that are concerned with furthering sustainable development both here and abroad. Whether you want to get involved with the technical aspects of sustainability or focus on how to create a culture of sustainability on campus and beyond, these student organizations have opportunities to get everyone involved!

Student Organizations

  • This is a service-based environmental club dedicated to community outreach and education.
  • The main events are the Fall Harvest Festival and the Earth Day Celebration. These consist of free food, free beer, free music, and fun sustainability related activities.
  • The club hosts lectures, sponsors tours, and does volunteer work such as cleaning up Clear Creek.
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Engineers Without Borders and Bridges to Prosperity
  • This is currently the only joint chapter of these two national organizations.
  • Currently they are in the process of planning an implementation trip to Nicaragua where they are working on improving access to clean water in the community of Los Gomez.
  • Read more about their project in Los Gomez, including interviews of students currently collaborating on the project, on the Colorado School of Mines Newsroom Website Here.
  • Contact the Engineers Without Borders & Bridges To Prosperity Chapter at Colorado School of Mines at 
Minergy Club
  • This is a club mainly for students pursuing the minor in energy, but is open to anyone!
  • They execute multiple energy related projects including bike powered generators, an electric vehicle charging station, and a wind turbine.
  • The club hosts lectures and tours of energy related research and sites.
  • Contact the club via the “Contact Us” portion of their website here
  • Learn more about their club at their website
Sustainable Remediation Forum
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Wind Energy Club
  • Created to help students gain a theoretical and practical understanding of wind energy 
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The Green Team

The Mines Green Team is a group of dedicated student volunteers collaborating to support sustainability activities and opportunities on campus. Many of our Green Team meetings are held during the lunch hour or after work or school. The Green Team helps identify and implement sustainability solutions to help Mines operate in a more environmentally friendly manner. Log onto Engage if you are interested in learning more!

Environmental Justice Club
  • This club focuses on exploring the intersection between the environment, society, and policy, and how this intersection informs conversations about inequality throughout society.
  • This club regularly brings in speakers from environmental activism organizations and encourages grass-roots engagement with many of today’s most pressing societal problems.
  • Mines EJC hopes to further explore the role of engineers and scientists in overcoming environmental injustice.
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