Sustainability Interns

Tyler Pritchard

My name is Tyler and I am a junior studying Mechanical Engineering and Energy at Mines. I am additionally part of the McBride Honors Program and Music at Mines.

I got involved in the Mines Sustainability Committee as a website designer because I truly believe that one of the biggest issues facing a more sustainable future lies in communication. As a web designer, I hope to challenge this hurdle as I see it. Society has, to a large extent, the knowledge of unsustainable practices in our culture. I truly believe that the problem does not lie in extrinsic motivation to chase sustainability, but rather intrinsic motivation to actually take action.

I look forward to working with current and incoming Mines students to develop a more sustainable campus and, eventually, a more sustainable world.

Tori Randall

Hi! I am Tori and I am a second year studying applied mathematics here at Mines. I am truly passionate about sustainability and I look forward to helping the campus become more sustainable. My main jobs have to do with electronic waste as well as getting our school ranked in sustainability along with colleges across the country.
I joined the Mines sustainability team because I love the earth so much and I think it is important to spread awareness of how everything we do affects it. I look forward to being part of this team for the rest of my time at Mines!