Sustainability Starter Kit

by | Jun 19, 2020


Hello and welcome to Mines Sustainability!

We have put together this starter kit to help you get started more quickly with campus sustainability. The Mines Sustainability team  is here to help you if you have questions or want to pass along your ideas for making the campus more sustainable.

Please feel free to check out other pages on our website once you are finished here. We have a wide variety of clubs as well as many opportunities for you to be sustainable on campus.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a forum for ideas you have that you would like to see our department implement!

Quick Links

Green Move In Guide

Wondering how you can make living on campus more sustainable? Read our PDF guide  here detailing how you can make move in green!

How to Save Energy on Campus

Check out People.Power.Planet for ways to save energy on and off campus. Track your progress to earn badges and real-life rewards!

Find a Sustainability Class

Interested in our sustainability classes? Look no further, this page shows our current options!

Green Events Guide
Green Transportation

Here is a guide to help you get around town in the most green ways possible!

Can I recycle this?

The included image is a quick overview for what is recyclable. For a bit more in depth items, please feel free to download the following pdf.  Also, check out our recycling web page!

Recycling Poster

Do we compost?

Short answer: yes. We have a trial compost program running currently. We are trying to expand it beyond the one building we currently have it in. It can be expensive so we are working with different companies to find out rates as well as the best way to implement composting in different buildings.

How can I get involved?

We have several sustainability clubs on campus, as well as other opportunities to participate. The “Initiatives” tab at the top of all Mines Sustainability websites tells you about our current opportunities, it is updated as we get more opportunities. Please feel free to email us at or as well.

Fun Sustainability Videos

What does the Sustainability Office do?

The following video, made for Fall 2020 Celebration of Mines, is an overview of what our office does! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.


Sustainability: A Definition

This is another video discussing the three pillars of sustainability from a professor at Pennsylvania State University.

Sustainability Explained

This short video explains sustainability in terms of three pillars.

Green Team Introduction

Green Team Intro

If you are interested in joining the Green Team, please contact any of our executive members at To see our current volunteer opportunities, go here!

Fighting Forever Chemicals

Check out this MINES Minute video on fighting forever chemicals!

If you have any suggestions for the Mines Sustainability department feel free to contact any of us!