Sustainable Transportation in Golden

Looking for ways to get around Golden and Denver sustainably? Look no further! Mines Sustainability has collected a guide to help you get around town in the most green ways possible!

Personal Transportation

Mines has environmentally-friendly modes of transportation for students, staff, and faculty that commute, including electric vehicle charging stations on campus. Mines has two single port stations and two dual port stations that can charge six vehicles at a time. The stations will allow faculty, staff, students and visitors the chance to charge their vehicle for free (a valid Mines permit or meter receipt is required) for a max of four hours per day. The new EV charging stations, located in the CT, E and F parking lots, add to the many sustainable transportation options available at Mines, including a Zipcar rental program and RTD access. The new parking garage will also have EV charging stations.Students and staff receive a 20% discount on parking if they own an ECO car

Students can also bring their own bike, rent a bike from the Outdoor Recreation Center, or drive to campus in an electric vehicle and use one of the campus EV charging stations.

Carpooling – Students can also share the cost of a parking pass and carpool to campus. Only one vehicle in the pass group can be parked on campus at a time. Strict fines are applied to students who share a carpool parking pass and bring multiple vehicles to campus.

A variety of carpooling apps are available for students to find rides including Wheeli ZimrideWaze. Mines does not endorse any app and is only making this information available as a courtesy.

Important note regarding insurance: Please be aware that carpooling and ridesharing may require additional insurance coverage, and you may want to explore your options for liability protection with your insurance carrier. Some insurance policies contain provisions that exclude coverage for what is referred to as “ride for hire” situations. If your carpooling arrangement involves accepting money from some passengers, for gas or otherwise, you should request written confirmation from your auto insurance company that this practice will not affect your coverage in the event of an injury accident.

Public Transportation

Some students and staff take advantage of public transportation (Mines offers a discount on passes).

Tickets: RTD Mobile Ticket App

Park at a RTD Light Rail Station and look for train going to Jeffco Golden Government Center station. At the station, look for the Green Bus parked at Gate A. It will take you directly to the campus and let you off in front of Alderson Hall and across from the Guggenheim buildings on Illinois street. The bus picks up passengers in the same location for the return trip. Your Light Rail ticket transfers to the bus. You can also purchase packets of ten Rail tickets at Safeway and validate them using the Red Validate Tickets Box at the Light Rail Station. The Green Bus runs every 15 minutes through campus during the school year and every hour during the summer. Some students bring bikes and skateboards on the Light Rail and ride them to the campus from the Government Center station. A paved bike path is available from the station to the campus.

Route Planning: RTD Trip Planner

 The RTD Trip planner makes it easy for you to plan a multimodal trip to any location within the RTD service area! Enter your start location, end location, and your preferred methods of transit and the trip planning tool will help you from there. As an alternative, Google Maps also has a “transit” option that works well within the RTD service area.

Finally, for more information on how to use the Green FlexRide Bus in Golden, visit the City of Golden’s informational page for more information on the FlexRide Route and wait times! While the FlexRide bus can be called to reserve trips, you do not need to call the FlexRide bus in order to use the service. Simply waiting at your nearest FlexRide stop is all you need to do in order to ride this bus. Consult the map below for pickup/drop-off locations


The Mines campus, albeit hilly, is a bicycle-accessible campus with infrastructure to support the safe use of bicycles! Before cycling to and from campus, please consult the Mines Bicycle Safety page for information on “rules of the road,” proper bike parking, and how to register your bicycle on campus. Registering your bicycle is not necessary to ride on campus. But, it is encouraged, as it will help to prevent the successful theft of your bike.

Finally, the City of Golden is considered a “Bicycle Friendly Community,” and has several bike paths and lanes which have earned it that title. See the map below for a graphic representation for all of the most bicycle-friendly thoroughfares in Golden. 

If you have any other questions about bike route planning in Golden or are afraid you do not have good access to an existing bike thoroughfare, feel free to contact Lauren Poole for individual help developing a bike-commuting route.

Carbon Offsets

For individuals or clubs on campus hoping to offset their carbon emissions, Mines Sustainability recommends purchasing carbon offset, renewable energy credits, and/or water restoration certificates from Terrapass.

For those wanting to offset carbon emissions from their vehicles, you can sign up for the Colorado Carbon Fund.