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Teach@Mines offers courses, advising, and certification pathways to help you explore the teaching profession. In addition, Teach@Mines offers a minor in Teaching, a BS in Design Engineering with a STEM Teaching focus area, and a MS in STEM Education to prepare students for teaching careers at any level, from elementary to university-level instruction.  

We offer courses for students to both try out teaching and to prepare to teach (K-12 or college). A person can start on this path at any point in their Mines career as an undergraduate student, graduate student or as a Mines alumni. The earlier you begin, the more flexibility you have.

To learn more about teacher satisfaction, salary, and other benefits, visit Get the Fact Out.

Check out these testimonials from Teach@Mines Alumni to learn more about why teaching might be for you!


TEA and Trivia – 9/26 – 4 – 5 PM – CK282

Join the Teachers Education Alliance for TEA and Trivia - 9/26 - 4 – 5 PM - CK282 This is an opportunity for students interested in the education sector to meet like-minded peers by playing trivia and drinking tea. Students can have discussions around teaching, their...


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Teachers rate their lives better than all other occupation groups, trailing only physicians.</p>
<p>There are generous student loan forgiveness programs and scholarships for science and math teachers.</p>
<p>At year 15, the middle 15% of teacher salaries ranges between $68,000 and $114,000 (IQR), nationally.</p>
<p>Teachers earn an additional pay of $1,000 - $8,000 for coaching & clubs.</p>
<p>Most teaching jobs have better retirement benefits than private industry.</p>
<p>You can get a job almost anywhere in the US or abroad as a science or math teacher.</p>
<p>Behind every advance in medicine or technology is a teacher who left a lasting impression.
Teaching Pathways: Three Ways to Double Your Career Options
Minor in Teaching: Earn your teaching license alongside any major
BS in Design Engineering with a STEM Teaching focus
Master: BS + MS in STEM Education (BS, MS & Licensure)
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