Colorado School of Mines (Mines) and University of Northern Colorado (UNC) have created a unique program that offers a path towards secondary teaching licensure in science or math for Mines students. UNC is the premier teacher preparation institution in the State of Colorado, and Mines is a highly selective, small public research university devoted to engineering and applied science, with special expertise in the development and stewardship of the Earth’s natural resources.

Teacher Education Alliance, Mines – UNC Partnership (TEAM-UP) is an innovative program that establishes a model for collaboration between a teaching institution and an engineering school that produces well trained graduates through an integrated program that is part of the student’s degree. Mines is fully responsible for content preparation and UNC delivers the entire professional teacher education program, which has been designed to integrate 21 of 30 credits into the existing Mines undergraduate degrees. The remaining 9 credits are taken after graduation. All coursework is either online or delivered on the Mines campus and all field experiences are within 50 miles of the Mines campus.

TEAM-UP Students

TEAM-UP Mission

The mission of the Teacher Education Alliance, Mines (The Colorado School of Mines) – UNC (University of Northern Colorado) Partnership is to offer a path towards secondary teaching licensure in math or science for Mines students by providing UNC Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP) coursework, as part of a Mines degree, online or at the Mines campus to Mines undergraduate students.

TEAM-UP is proud to be a
NSF Noyce Capacity Building Program, NSF Noyce Phase I Project Site, PhysTEC Comprehensive Site, and 100Kin10 Partner

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