The Teacher Education Alliance (TEA) is a forum for discussion of any education related issues, not just high school or middle school teaching.

Get the Facts Out

Get the Facts Out is an NSF funded partnership that is designed to reach STEM majors in a large fraction of all U.S. mathematics, chemistry and physics departments and has potential to significantly address teacher shortages in these high-need STEM disciplines.


Denver Area Physics Teachers (DAPT) is supported by PhysTEC and meets four times per year to share resources and different learning techniques for multiple topics.


This 100Kin10 funded projects is designed to develop, create, build, teach, and distribute 20 hands-on, minds-on science kits to K-3rd grade teachers in public school districts across the Front Range in Colorado.

Teach@Mines is a

NSF Noyce Capacity Building Program, NSF Noyce Phase I Project Site, PhysTEC Comprehensive Site, and 100Kin10 Partner

NoycePhysics Teacher Education Coalition