Our program is somewhat non-traditional and tailored specifically for our Mines students and alumni.

We offer courses for students to both try out teaching and to prepare to teach (K-12 or college). A person can start on this path at any point in their Mines career as an undergraduate or graduate student or as a Mine’s alumni. The earlier you begin, the more flexibility you have.

To become a K-12 teacher, there are two general pathways depending on your level of experience:

  • If you have K-12 classroom experience (college teaching is likely not adequate preparation)
    • After earning a BS, obtain a job as a teacher
    • Work with one of our partner programs to earn your license in year 1
    • Receive a full teacher salary during this time ($42-$58K) less fees for licensing agency ($6 – $9K)
  • If you have minimal or no K-12 classroom experience
    • Pick a residency program with PEBC or DSST
    • Pays between $3K – $34K (higher paying option does not come with a license so need to partner with another agency at the same time ~$6K if aiming to earn licensure)


Below are three programs that we partner with. These offer options for Mines students who have earned a BS to become teachers.  Each has a slightly different program and cost structure.

ASPIRE To Teach, University of Colorado, Denver

This program allows a teacher to earn licensure during their first year teaching


PEBC Residency 

This program prepares people to have exceptional teaching careers through a hands-on licensure program. 


DSST Apprentice Teacher Program

This program prepares people for teaching careers through a mentor teacher program. 

Blow Minds! Teach Science or Math.


Worth it in more ways than you may think.

Did you know…

  • There are student loan forgiveness programs and scholarships for math and science teachers
  • Most teaching jobs have better retirement benefits than private industry
  • You can get a job almost anywhere as a science or math teacher
  • Most people underestimate teacher’s salaries by $10,000-$30,000
  • Science teachers report having higher overall job satisfaction than other STEM professionals
  • Teachers have the option to make $6-$8K each year for coaching, clubs, after-school tutoring, etc.
  • Teaching is one of the best ways to work abroad, teaching science or math in an American school
  • Math and science teachers are in high demand
  • Teachers are six times more likely to say that they make a difference in people’s lives than other STEM professionals 
  • Over 78% of high school science teachers are still in the classroom after 5 years of teaching
  • About half of all science and math majors report an interest in becoming a teacher

Pathways into Education

  • Informal outreach

  • College teaching

  • Middle School or High School teaching

  • Classroom volunteer

  • Educational policy

  • Museums

Teach@Mines is a

NSF Noyce Capacity Building Program, NSF Noyce Phase I Project Site, PhysTEC Comprehensive Site, and 100Kin10 Partner

NoycePhysics Teacher Education Coalition