North Arvada Middle School is looking for a STEM teacher! North Arvada is a neighborhood school that also serves as a Gifted and Talented center program for grades 6, 7 and 8. Their student population is about 600 students, with 56.3% FRL students, 49.2% minority students, 10.6% IEP students, 22.8% gifted students, 12.4% ELL students. Their efforts remain focused on learning, a culture of collaboration and results for the whole child. Their students are highly-impacted, which has led to significant innovations around social emotional learning including the creation of a Wellness Room, training all staff and students in Zones of Regulation, and deepening our understanding of the trauma informed classroom.

North Arvada licensed personnel are expected to be creative innovators who embrace project based learning, accept the whole child and create a joy-filled learning environment. Individuals must be passionate and devoted to serving a highly-impacted community – specifically a bubble Title 1 school. A core belief is that all students will learn together in the least restrictive environment. Successful staff are committed to a collaborative culture and shared accountability for the achievement and growth of all learners. Check out the job posting on their website (search Job ID: 23107).