Technology Fee Proposal Writers


Proposal Submission

The Tech Fee submission process has been moved into Canvas. You can find the submission document within the Canvas course assignment. The course is setup to allow self-enrollment and the submission form is an assignment –see Proposal Submission Information below for detailed information. The forms have all been condensed into one and submission must be one pdf document including all quotes and supporting documentation. Canvas will not accept anything but a pdf document for the submission.

Proposals seeking to upgrade or replace a computer lab or classroom must be for a lab that appears on the TFC Approved Computer Lab list.

Note: Technology fee labels must be displayed on all equipment purchased with Technology Fee awards. Look for them in labs and on equipment used by students all over campus. If you have not received your labels, or they have been lost or removed from equipment, please request new ones from the Technology Fee Chair. Please indicate the semester and year of the award, and how many labels you need.

Supporting Information

Please read the Proposal Submission Information document carefully.  Other documents listed below may be helpful in answering any questions you have.