Accommodations are offered to any student who reports an incident of sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating/domestic violence, or stalking, regardless of going through a Title IX Office resolution process.  Accommodations are also offered to both the Reporting Party and the Responding Party, and witnesses who identify need, during a formal resolution process (investigation). Accommodations allow students to continue to attend Mines in a way that is safe and also allows them access to their education.

Safety Measures
  • No Contact Directives
    • This letter outlines a variety of expectations, including: communication will cease between involved parties, common area space is managed, and retaliation in any form is prohibited and will have separate consequences.
  • Housing resources
    • For students who live on-campus (Residence Halls, Mines’ owned Greek Housing, and the Mines Park Apartments), Residence Life can offer space that is safe.
    • For students  who live off-campus, the Title IX Office can provide resources and guidance for each individual situation.
  • Police Escorts
    • Mines Police are available to walk students to and from parking lots, classrooms, and other spaces on campus.
Academic Accomodations
  • Classroom Accommodations
    • The Title IX Office can work with the Registrar’s Office to change class sections.
    • Expectations can also be developed that allow for a safer classroom environment.
  • Testing Accommodations
    • The Title IX Office can work with Disability Support Services to coordinate Testing in the Testing Center. This will provide an environment that is quieter. The Title IX Office cannot coordinate additional time on tests. Requests for this accommodation need to go through the Disability Support Services request process.
  • Other Academic Accommodations
    • The Title IX Office can work with CASA or Academic Departments to ensure students have access to tutoring.
    • The Title IX Office can work with individual professors to ensure students can be successful in their classes.

This list is not exhaustive. If there are additional support services needed, please reach out to the Title IX Office ( to discuss your needs.