Meet the Team

Title IX Staff

The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for ensuring Mines does not discriminate on the basis of sex in all Mines educational activities and programs. The Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinator supports the Title IX Coordinators efforts. The Administrative Coordinator provides support for Title IX.


Camille Torres headshot

Camille Torres

Civil Rights Investigator 

1706 Illinois Street | 303.384.2124

Katie Schmalzel

Director, Title IX Programs + Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinator 

1706 Illinois Street | 303.273.3260

Kathy White

Title IX Administrative Coordinator  

1706 Illinois Street | 303.273.3485

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

The Deputy Title IX Coordinators can provide options and resources. They also serve as process advisors to parties going through our investigation process.

Robin Bullock headshot Jessica Keefer Headshot Akoko Omofom Headshot

Robin Bullock



Engineering Annex 128 | 303.273.3074

Jessica Keefer


New Student and Transition Services

Campus Living Office, Elm Hall East 268 | 303.384.2601

Akoko Omofoma

Administrative Coordinator

Student Life

Student Center E240 | 303.273.3350

Jahi Simbai Headshot Colin Terry Headshot  

Jahi Simbai

Assistant Dean of Graduate Students

Office of Graduate Studies

Student Center E145 | 303.384.2221

Colin Terry

Associate Dean of Students 

Student Life

CASA 102 | 303.273.3081


Confidential Resources

The Confidential Resources serve as a resource to all students. They are able to provide options and resources confidentially, such as information about: on and off campus support resources, Mines’ Title IX processes and the criminal justice system, and safety.

There are some exceptions to confidentiality including: intent to harm self or others, child abuse, and if they receive a subpoena.

Jaime Bachmeier Headshot Kyle Castro Headshot

Sareen Lambright Dale

Prevention Programs Manager

Title IX Office

Wellness Center 159 | 303.273.3781

Jaime Bachmeier

Program Manager

College of Engineering and Computational Sciences

Chauvenet Hall 147 | 303.273.3860

Kyle Castro

Academic Advising Coordinator

Center for Academic Services & Advising 

CASA 111 | 303.384.2611


The Co-Investigators are unbiased parties who support the Primary Investigator. The Title IX Office makes sure there isn’t a conflict of interest when assigning a Co-Investigator to an investigation.


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Jordan Burkhart

Residence Life Coordinator, Elm Hall + Weaver Towers

Department of Residence Life

Weaver Towers C104 | 303.869.5523

Dixie Cirillo

Associate Director of Athletics 


Volk 318 | 303.273.3206

Kelsi Streich 


Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership

Student Center, E123 | 303.384.2438

Athletic Compliance

The Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletic Compliance ensures Mines’ Athletic programs are compliant with Title IX expectations, including funding, scholarships, and resources for teams and individual athletes.


Dixie Cirillo headshot

Dixie Cirillo

Deputy TIX Coordinator for Athletics, Athletic Compliance


Volk 318 | 303.273.3206