Sexual Violence Prevention and Education

Mines is dedicated to educating our community, including students, staff, and faculty members, about the prevalence and impact of sexual and interpersonal violence, how we can better support and believe survivors, and how we can all be better community members.

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Awareness Months


We are committed to providing both community-wide or audience specific programming, initiatives that increase audience knowledge and share information and resources to prevent violence, promote safety, and reduce perpetration.

These ongoing strategies are sustained over time and focus on increasing understanding of topics relevant to addressing dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Through multiple strategies, we engage multiple audiences across the community. 

  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month – October
  • Stalking Awareness Month – January
  • Dating Violence Awareness Month – February
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month – April


  • Title IX Office
  • Student Life
  • Multiple departments on campus
Escalation Workshop


Escalation is a film that honestly and compellingly tells the story of an abusive relationship –– from its sweet beginnings to the tragic end. The authentic depiction of unhealthy behavior escalating into violence helps you understand and recognize the early signs of relationship abuse. The 40-minute screening is followed by a guided discussion led by a trained facilitator.

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It's on Us


In the spring of 2015, a group of students, faculty, and staff got together to make an It’s On Us video unique to our Oredigger community. You can view the video by visiting the Mines It’s On Us website.

Someone I Love Workshop

Someone I Love is facilitated by the Blue Bench. This three-hour workshop focuses on understanding trauma, helping loved one(s), and providing self-care to the secondary survivor of sexual assault. The workshop is designed for partners, friends, and family members of survivors.

  • Date: TBD

  • Location: TBD


  • Title IX Office
  • Blue Bench