Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda


Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda
Friday, December 8, 2017
(the next regularly scheduled meeting is on February 9, 2018)



8:00 a.m. Ballroom C, Student Center

Executive Session
Legal advice pursuant to §24-6-402 (3)(a)(II), C.R.S. and personnel matters per §24-6-402(3)(b)(I) C.R.S.


Regular Meeting
9:15 A.M. Guggenheim Hall Boardroom

  a. Consent Agenda
    1. October 27, 2017 minutes  
  b. Reports and Updates
    1. Board Committee report
    2. President’s report
    3. Research Activities and Tech Transfer report  
    5. Faculty Senate verbal report
  c. Presentation and Discussion
    1. Mines/USGS Collaboration timeline  
    2. Capital Opportunity  
    3. Collateralization pursuant to SB17-267  
    4. Audited Financial Statements FY2017
  d. Action Items
    1. Graduation Lists  
  2. New Program approval: Space Resources  
  3. New Program approval: Natural Resources and Energy Policy  
  3. Approval of contract indemnification terms  
    4. Parking Garage additional spaces  
    5. Advanced refunding  
    6. Lease Agreement Catalyst  
  e. Regular Written Reports
    1. Undergraduate Admissions report  
    2. Graduate Admissions report  
    3. CSM Foundation report

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