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Brogan Boles


Associate Director of Admissions – Marketing and Communications

Brogan is the Associate Director of Admissions – Marketing and Communications and has been living in Colorado for 21 years. With over 13 years of full-time administrative experience in higher education, Brogan is thrilled to be at Mines with all the phenomenal traditions, hard work ethic and dedication to innovation. Of the Mines core values, Brogan is most drawn to Openness because when we practice openness we have more space to focus on diversity, innovation and collaboration. When not at work, you’ll see Brogan living it up in Arvada with her husband, Bob and daughters, Zelda and Matilda.


  • Brogan is a performer and teacher in the Denver improv community. She’s performed in  improv festivals in Colorado, Nebraska, and New York.
  • She has her BS degree in Communications and MS in Organizational Leadership.
  • She is an avid movie buff and has a brain filled with mind-blowing movie trivia.
  • Prefers savory over sweet and will be sad if you put fruit in her salad.


Activator, Strategic, Communication, Competition, Command