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Carolina Corral


Admissions Counselor

Carolina joined the Mines Admissions team in 2023 as an Undergraduate Admissions Counselor and Lead Program Coordinator for SUMMET. She is passionate about opening doors for students and helping them fight imposter syndrome. As a first-generation student and proud recipient of a full-ride scholarship to Colorado State University, she wants to share her success story in hopes that it will encourage other first gen students to continue applying themselves in higher education. When she’s not opening doors for future Orediggers, Carolina is out exploring the mountains with her partner, whipping up new Mexican recipes, and living her best life.


  • Despite being an adventurer at heart, Carolina has yet to conquer swimming and firmly believes that dry land is where the real action happens. Or at least that’s what she tells herself to feel better.

  • She loves Halloween and scary movies yet she’s still building up the courage for her first haunted house. Spooky season goals!

  • After years of holding out, Carolina finally gave in and binge-watched “The Office” for the first time in 2023 and is currently diving into the magical world of Harry Potter. Safe to say she is a fan.

  • She once won a radio show contest when she was little, and the prize was a pinata of choice. She asked for a Pixar “Cars” pinata for her little brothers’ birthday.


Discipline, Achiever, Responsibility, Individualization, Leaner