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Carolina Corral


Admissions Counselor

Carolina joined the Mines Admissions team in 2023 as an Admissions Counselor with a focus on Access Programming. She is passionate about opening doors for students and helping them fight imposter syndrome. She is a first generation student and attended Colorado State University on a full ride scholarship. She wants to share her success story in hopes that it will encourages other first gen students to continue applying themselves in higher education. Being a Colorado native, Carolina’s ultimate goal is to hike a fourteener so she is always open to tips and encouragement.


  • She doesn’t know how to swim and tends to avoid water
  • She is a Las Vegas Raiders fan so she is used to disappointment
  • She loves scary movies but refuses to go to a haunted house
  • She finally caved and watched “The Office” for the first time in 2023


Discipline, Achiever, Responsibility, Individualization, Leaner