Colorado School of Mines honors deferral requests depending on the nature of the request. Generally, a deferral request will be confirmed 2-4 weeks from receipt of complete request. Deferrals requested for January (spring term) are dependent on space availability for new students to enroll beginning in the spring term; such determination may not be made nor confirmed until late December/early January of the requested spring semester. If space is not available, student will automatically be deferred to the subsequent fall semester.

Before submitting the Deferral Request Form, you must submit your Student Enrollment Decision form and $200 Enrollment Deposit via your student portal.

The below “Deferral Request Form” button will bring you to log-in page if you haven’t already logged in with your current browser. Please use the same credentials you used to check your applicant status.

  1. Enrollment deposits will be credited to enrolled student accounts at the conclusion of Census Day for the approved deferral term.  Enrollment deposits are non-refundable to students who do not enroll for the approved deferral term.
  2. The student may request a deferral up to one year beyond original admission term. Only one deferral will be approved per admitted student before need for reapplication for admission.
  3. Merit scholarship awards and financial aid offers are forfeited upon deferral approval.  Deferred students will automatically be reconsidered for merit scholarship awards for the approved deferral term per scholarship guidelines in effect for that term.  Deferred students must reapply for financial aid for the approved deferral term.  Scholarship offers and financial aid awards are not guaranteed once a student has deferred enrollment.
  4. Deferred admission does not apply to student housing. Students must reapply for student housing with the Department of Residence Life for their approved deferral term.
  5. Enrollment at another college or university during the deferral period will disqualify a freshman student for deferred admissions.  In this case, student would have to reapply for admission as a transfer applicant.
  6. Send your final official high school or college transcripts to the Admissions Office.
    1. If you were admitted for the Fall semester, we will accept deferral requests up to June 15th.
    2. If you were admitted for the Spring semester, we will accept deferral requests up to December 15th.

Please contact the Mines’ Admissions Office immediately if your contact information changes. We will be in contact with you when your enrollment term is closer – most communications will be sent by email.


If you have further questions regarding the deferral process, please contact us at