International Student Life

Mines is home to students from over 80 countries around the world and we want to help make your transition to campus as seamless as possible. We hope you enjoy browsing through this page to learn more about international student life and our campus resources. These resources should help make your journey at Mines an easier one, but please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.


#1 Ranked 4-Year College in Colorado with the Largest Ratio of International Students to Student Body Size
Golden Colorado is ranked #16 for safest cities in the state with a population of 20,948

Unlike other schools, Mines has taught me how to think rather than what to think. Toast [my dog] and I have fallen in love with the Mines campus as it presents new scenery with every season.

Rafael Rubin de Celis

Engineering Physics, '24

Coming to Mines has been a really fruitful experience, as I’ve been at my highest and lowest. Adapting to an American teaching system, previously coming from a British system was one not easy, as I had to re-learn methods of learning, such as English spellings and even basic math. In all, I’m grateful to be able to attend such an accomplished and established institution such as mines. My advice to students studying abroad is to keep your head up and understand that you belong where you are and that you’re smart enough.

Phillip Dennar

Petroleum Engineering, '22

Deciding to come to Mines and the idea of being away from home was difficult and scary at the beginning. But now, I would say that it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. This chance allowed me to discover life and experience it on my own; it made me who I am today, a better version of myself.

Shahad Alhadem

Geological Engineering, '21

When looking at colleges to attend abroad, one important criterion I had was that the college of my choice needs to be able to cultivate all-rounded students. Mines students, national or not, have the opportunity to explore and strengthen any attribute they want whether it is leadership, creativity, or tennis along with excellent education standards. As international students, we bring our cultures, languages, and unique experiences to Mines. Our experiences can be showcased through the way we communicate with others which helps bind the Mines community. My advice to incoming students is to continue being an ambassador for your country, establish a support system from home and in Mines, and dream big!!

Gianna Joab

Geophysical Engineering, '23


Students from over 60 countries come to Mines for the encouraging culture, top-notch research facilities and informed faculty.  Review the map below to see where our students are traveling from.  NOTE: The darker the color, the more students we have on campus from that country.

Map of the countries international students are from: majority are from China, India, and Saudi Arabia

International Events

Mines’ International Office hosts several events each year to celebrate the culture of our international students. Below you will find links to our Flickr page with photos from a few of these events. We hope you check them out and get involved in the future!

Asian Cultural Festival

Hosted by: The Society of Asian Engineers

Holi Celebration

Hosted by: The Indian Students Association

NSBE Cultural Night

Hosted by: The National Society of Black Engineers

International Day

Hosted by: All International Campus Organizations

Student Clubs and Organizations

Mines has over 200 student organizations you can get involved in such as: the Climbing Club, Equestrian Team, Pokéfans Club, Solar Decathlon Team and more. Our international students can also take comfort that we have clubs that promote diversity and may even represent their home country. Check out the list below and hop on over to the Student Activities website to browse all of our clubs.



Learn more about on and off campus housing options on the Residence Life website.

Global Education

Learn more about visas and student support from our office of Global Education

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