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Michelle Herd


Admissions Systems Coordinator, Data Management

Michelle is a Diversity and Inclusion Champion dedicated to Relationship Building, Organizational Change & Social Impact. She has spent her career working in Higher Education, Healthcare and Start Up Cultures in positions focusing on Executive Leadership, Information Security, Project & Technology Management, and Process Improvement.

Michelle has her BA in Information Technology and MS in Leadership and Organizations from the University of Denver. After an eight year hiatus, she’s excited to be back working in Higher Education and couldn’t be happier calling herself an Oredigger. Michelle feels incredibly lucky to work and live in beautiful Golden Colorado with her husband. Michelle is most joyful when spending time with her husband, mom, adult daughter’s and their partners!!!


  • From 2016-2022 Michelle and her husband lived in 46 States and 5 Canadian Provinces.
  • As a native of Colorado the “thing” she missed the most when traveling was Colorado’s incredible green chile.
  • Michelle is creating a foundation to financially assist people suffering with the downstream effects of spontaneous cerebral spinal fluid leaks. The foundation will provide monetary assistance towards medical travel and treatments not covered by insurance.
  • Michelle says the adventure of travel and being in nature feels most like freedom!


Analytical, Command, Consistency, Empathy, Individualization