Nicholas Fernandez


Graduate International Admissions Counselor

Nick is deeply passionate for science and science education in the US, having received both his bachelor’s and master’s Degree in STEM Education. He has taught high school physics courses in Kentucky and Colorado for a combined 5+ years. As one of three boys to Colombian immigrants, representation has always been a motivation to succeed and lift others, especially in the field of education. Nick believes in promoting cultural inclusivity and equitable access for all levels of education. Nick is excited to continue advocating for students and supporting them in their post-secondary endeavors.


  • Spilled water on a customer when James Rodriguez scored that volley against Uruguay in the 2014 World Cup
  • Loves to cook but insists that using measuring cups takes away from “the way your Tia showed you growing up”
  • Made a half court shot during a high school pep rally one time and used it to justify never playing 1 on 1 with his students


Empathy, Connectedness, Restorative, Learner, Analytical