Non-Degree Undergraduate Admissions


Our undergraduate non-degree option is designed for students who are interested in taking courses at Mines, but do not plan on pursuing a degree at that time. Registration in requested courses is based on availability (after all current students have registered for their courses), completion of the non-degree application, and proof of prerequisites, through the submission of official transcripts and/or test scores.

Application procedure:

Carefully read the non-degree policies listed below, in addition to the Application Procedure and Transcripts and Test Score Submission tabs.

When you have been accepted as a non-degree student at School of Mines:

  • Non-degree registration will take place the week prior to term start. Please refer to the Registrar’s webpage for the Academic Calendar.
  • Only 12 hours of non-degree seeking courses may be applied towards a Mines degree.
  • Applicants for admission to undergraduate programs whom do not meet admissions requirements may not fulfill deficiencies as a non-degree student.

Submit a non-degree application online using the “NON-DEGREE UNDERGRADUATE APPLICATION” button below.



Application procedure:

  1. Submit your online application – includes listing the course(s) that you’re interested in taking and listing the course code.
  2. Submit appropriate and official documentation (official high school/college/university transcripts, AP or IB test scores) that prove you have fulfilled the courses’ prerequisites. More information in the next tab.

You must submit official transcripts and/or test scores that show proof of your educational history satisfying prerequisites needed to take the course(s).

How to send Official Transcripts as a Non-Degree applicant:

In order to verify appropriate prerequisites, you must submit official transcripts. Please request official transcripts from your respective institution(s):

  • If you are currently enrolled in HS, your HS must submit your official transcript to us.
  • If you are currently enrolled in college/university, but do not have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, you must have an official transcript sent to us that proves the prerequisites are met for the course you intend to take.
  • If you are currently not enrolled in school, please have an official transcript sent to us that proves the prerequisite(s) are met for the course you intend to take.

Transcripts may be delivered via the following methods:

  • (Preferred) Electronically through SENDedu, Docufide, or Naviance
  • Fax: (303) 273-3509
  • Postal Mail: Mines Admissions Office, 1812 Illinois Street, Golden, CO 80401*

*Please note, any college transcripts that are hand-delivered, even in a sealed envelope are considered unofficial. Please have the college/university send your transcript(s) directly to our office in order for them to be considered official.

How to send Official Test Scores for non-degree applicants:

  • SAT or ACT: If you are currently enrolled in high school please request an official copy of your SAT or ACT test scores (to be sent directly from the testing agency). For the ACT, our code is 0500; for the SAT, our code is 4073.

  • AP or IB: If your proof of prerequisite is from an AP or IB test score you must request those scores be sent to Mines from the appropriate testing agency. To order your official AP transcripts visit or call 609-771-7300. To order your official IB transcripts visit or call 212-696-4464.


Non-degree students do not qualify for financial aid and are responsible for all tuition and fees associated with the course at the resident or non-resident tuition rate based on information provided on the non-degree application.

You are required to inform us of the class(es) you are interested in enrolling in, and show official proof of your educational history satisfying prerequisites needed to take the course. Use this link to look up courses: School of Mines: Schedule of Courses

If you have already completed a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, PhD or Doctoral level degree, you must submit a graduate non-degree application.

Are you a high school student interested in taking courses at Colorado School of Mines? Please see our Concurrent Enrollment Guidelines.


If you have further questions regarding the non-degree undergraduate application process, please contact us at