Returning Mines Students


Colorado School of Mines welcomes any previous Mines student wishing to resume their studies at Mines. Students must provide official transcripts from other college and universities attended since last attending Mines. We do not accept applications after census date for the term in which you return. It is recommended that you submit your application well before the first day of classes.

Students who left the University in good academic standing* do not have to see the Readmissions committee. You may fill out a Returning Mines Application (link above).

*Reentry may be impeded by, but not limited to registration or transcript holds, or other holds.

If you are required to see the Readmissions Committee prior to returning to Mines, please do not complete the above application until you have met with the Readmissions Committee and an outcome has been determined. The Undergraduate Admissions office will not process the application in this situation until a decision has been rendered and communicated from the Readmissions Committee. 

To inquire whether a meeting with the Readmissions committee is needed, please email Caroline Fuller, Administrative Coordinator (

For more information regarding Readmissions click here.


Readmission is granted at the discretion of the University. Factors which may be considered when determining eligibility for readmission include, but are not limited to, registration or transcripts holds, previous academic achievement, length of absence, space availability, activities during the period in which you were not enrolled, and prior disciplinary action. After we review your application you will be emailed if more action is needed by you before we can make a readmission decision.

Be advised that students returning to the University may not necessarily be readmitted under their previous residency classification. It is highly suggested that you check your tuition statement to ensure the tuition rate and fees are charged correctly. Students should be prepared to complete any necessary application and documents required to correct their classification.


Making false or misleading statements on the application or failing to list all institutions attended may result in cancellation of admission status and/or loss of credit. Admission requirements, deadlines, and fees are subject to change without prior notice.


If you have further questions regarding the Returning Mines student process, please contact us at