2021 Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium

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Additive Manufacturing of High-Pressure Components for Nuclear Power Plants

 Project Number:71

 Author: Joe Morton​, Mechanical Engineering

 Mentor: Jonah Klemm-Toole, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Addressing the Sociotechnical Gap in Engineering Education

 Project Number:61

 Author: Natalie Plata​, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Jon Leydens, Humanities and Social Sciences | Kathryn Johnson, Electrical Engineering

Aerobic Polishing Treatment for Anaerobic Bioreactor Effluent

 Project Number:30

 Author: Emily Phaneuf​, Civil and Environmental Engineering

 Mentor: Junko Munakata-Marr, Civil and Environmental Engineering | Carolyn Coffey, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Apache Drill Data Collection and Analysis

 Project Number:82

 Author: Edward Perea​, Petroleum Engineering

 Mentor: Alfred Eustes III, Petroleum Engineering | Kirtland McKenna, Petroleum Engineering

Biomat Resilience to Desiccation in a Laboratory Scale, Engineered Unit Process Open Water Wetland

 Project Number:31

 Author: Kimberly Riddle​, Civil and Environmental Engineering

 Mentor: Josh Sharp, Civil and Environmental Engineering | Adam Brady, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Capturing the Qualitative Behavior of the Spread of COVID-19 in Colorado Counties Using Merge Trees

 Project Number:41

 Author: Amandin Chyba Rabeendran​, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

 Mentor: Tulay Flammand, Economics and Business

Characterization of Rocket Engine Alloy, C-103

 Project Number:70

 Author: Nazim Kargar​, Mechanical Engineering

 Mentor: Amy Clarke, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Classifying Lithofacies of the Entrada Sandstone using Drone Photogrammetry and Machine Learning

 Project Number:53

 Author: Michael Field​, Geophysical Engineering

 Mentor: Zane Jobe, Geology and Geological Engineering

Climate-Driven Changes in Paleocene River Systems

 Project Number:57

 Author: Henry Lopez, Physics

 Mentor: Piret Plink-Bjorklund, Geology and Geological Engineering

Cold Sintering-Teaching Old Rocks New Tricks

 Project Number:69

 Author: Alexander Hopkins​, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering | Annaliese Dunn, Geology and Geological Engineering

 Mentor: Geoff Brennecka, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering | Alexis Sitchler, Geology and Geological Engineering

Collaborative Environment for Education in VR

 Project Number:79

 Author: Colter Snyder​, Computer Science

 Mentor: Sebnem Duzgun, Mining Engineering


 Project Number:59

 Author: Stephanie Holzschuh​, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

 Mentor: Matthew Siegfried, Geophysics

Correlation of Precipitation and Rockfall using Remote Sensing Data

 Project Number:54

 Author: Samantha Gillaspie​, Geology and Geological Engineering

 Mentor: Gabriel Walton, Geology and Geological Engineering

Data and its Role in Community Resilience

 Project Number:50

 Author: Julianna Valenzuela​, Civil and Environmental Engineering

 Mentor: Leslie Light, Engineering, Design, and Society

Decreasing Solid Retention Time of Aerobic Granular Sludge for Improved Wastewater Treatment

 Project Number:28

 Author: Sadie Jonson​, Geology and Geological Engineering

 Mentor: Tzahi Cath, Civil and Environmental Engineering | Rudy Maltos, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Degradation Analysis of Biomaterial in Its Environment

 Project Number:68

 Author: Ashley Galligan, Chemistry

 Mentor: Terry Lowe, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering | Skyler Davis, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Depositon of Magnetic 2D Materials

 Project Number:86

 Author: Paul Slayback​, Physics

 Mentor: Serena Eley, Physics

Discovery of New Synthetic Methodology to Primary Alcohols to Esters and Acetals in Single-Pot Aqueous Conditions

 Project Number:26

 Author: Avery Tyndall​, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Dylan Domaille, Chemistry

Distributed Spacecraft Ad Hoc Communication

 Project Number:35

 Author: Peter Hall​, Computer Science | David Thompson, Mechanical Engineering

 Mentor: Qi Han, Computer Science

Do Largest Changes in Climate Correspond to Largest Drivers?

 Project Number:52

 Author: Drew Cornmesser​, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

 Mentor: Piret Plink-Björklund, Geology and Geological Engineering

Electrochemical Deposition of Superconductors

 Project Number:85

 Author: Joshua Moler​, Physics | Matthew Barbattin, Physics

 Mentor: Serena Eley, Physics

Enhancing Core Mathematics with Concepts from Educational Psychology: A Mixed-Method Assessment

 Project Number:3

 Author: Allison Palmer, Engineering, Design, and Society

 Mentor: Scott Strong, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Experimental Platform for Cryogenic Thermal Conductivity Measurements

 Project Number:83

 Author: Portia Allen, Physics

 Mentor: Meenakshi Singh, Physics

Extraterrestrial Fluvial Fans

 Project Number:55

 Author: Jack Henry​, Geology and Geological Engineering

 Mentor: Piret Plink-Bjorklund, Geology and Geological Engineering

Functionalization of Microwheels with Genome Engineering for Blood Based Applications

 Project Number:7

 Author: Parker Delius​, Annie Friedman, Ayaka Hayashi and Danielle Loftis - Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Josh Ramey, Chemical and Biological Engineering | Nanette Boyle, Chemical and Biological Engineering

GRP-Engineering Cultures

 Project Number:49

 Author: Kylee Shiekh, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

 Mentor: Dean Nieusma, Engineering, Design, and Society | Qin Zhu, Humanities and Social Sciences

High Temperature, Ni/YSZ/Molten Carbonate Membrane for CO2 Capture

 Project Number:19

 Author: Hope Wikoff​, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: J. Douglas Way, Chemical and Biological Engineering

High-Speed Throughput Manufacturing of Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices

 Project Number:65

 Author: Paris Porter Bradley​, Mechanical Engineering

 Mentor: Neal Sullivan, Mechanical Engineering

Hydrogen Storage and Delivery in Porous Frameworks

 Project Number:24

 Author: Rachel Lively​, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Mike McGuirk, Chemistry

Illicit Gold Supply Chains in Peru

 Project Number:78

 Author: Alejandro Garcia​, Petroleum Engineering

 Mentor: Nicole Smith, Mining Engineering

Improving Microwave Device Efficiency Through Quantitative Visualization of Electromagnetic Fields

 Project Number:43

 Author: Kevin Juneau​, Electrical Engineering

 Mentor: Peter Aaen, Electrical Engineering

In vitro analysis of hMSCs on Polyelectrolyte Complexes in the Context of Physeal Injuries

 Project Number:10

 Author: Sydney Marchando​, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Melissa Krebs, Chemical and Biological Engineering

In Vitro Characterization of FNP Oxygen Nanosensors

 Project Number:18

 Author: Tony Tien, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Kevin Cash, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Increasing the Viral Efficacy of Copper Through Copper Oxide Nanoprotrusion Growth

 Project Number:74

 Author: Heather Slomski,  Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

 Mentor: Terry Lowe,  Metallurgical and Materials Engineering | David Diercks,  Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Influence of living ends on polyethylene based anion exchange membranes

 Project Number:12

 Author: Ryan Park​, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Andrew Herring​, Chemical and Biological Engineering | Ivy Wu​, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Insulin Action Models Applied to Glycerol and Glucose Yield Different Dynamics

 Project Number:2

 Author: Griffin Hampton, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

 Mentor: Cecilia Diniz Behn, Applied Mathematics and Statistics | Melanie Cree-Green, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus


 Project Number:76

 Author: Caroline Turner​, Mechanical Engineering

 Mentor: Zhenzhen Yu, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Is GPA Linked To The Development of Design Thinking?

 Project Number:46

 Author: Colin Siles​, Computer Science | Amanda Blickensderfer, Mechanical Engineering | Naya Winkelstein, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

 Mentor: Tyrone Vincent, Electrical Engineering | Megan Sanders, Trefny Center | Vibhuti Dave, Computer Science

Is it Pointless? Modeling and Evaluation of Category Transitions of Spatial Gestures

 Project Number:40

 Author: Adam Stogsdill​, Computer Science

 Mentor: Tom Williams, Computer Science

Lofting: Estimating Mineral Distribution with Convolutional GAN Models

 Project Number:33

 Author: Kane Bruce​, Computer Science

 Mentor: Hua Wang, Computer Science | Hoon Seo, Computer Science

Machine Learning and AI for Resource Engineering

 Project Number:80

 Author: Madhumitha Thiruvenkadam​, Computer Science

 Mentor: Sebnem Duzgun, Mining Engineering | Jaime Moraga, Mining Engineering

Machine learning based two-phase flow monitoring using DAS

 Project Number:58

 Author: Ana Garcia-Ceballos​, Geophysics

 Mentor: Ge Jin, Geophysics

Machine Learning for Fracture Mode Classification in Rocks

 Project Number:27

 Author: Bryan Dickson, Mechanical Engineering

 Mentor: Reza Hedayat, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Making the Most of Virtual Community Engagement for International Projects during the Covid-19 Pandemic

 Project Number:48

 Author: Angelina Rivera​, Civil and Environmental Engineering

 Mentor: Jessica Smith and Juan Lucena, Engineering, Design, and Society

Mechanisms of Beta-Cell Death in Type 1 Diabetes

 Project Number:8

 Author: Drake Hampton, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Nikki Farnsworth, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Memory Elements for Neuromorphic Computing Using Superconducting Ferroelectric Hybrids

 Project Number:84

 Author: Sean Emerson​, Physics

 Mentor: Meenakshi Singh, Physics | Geoff Brennecka, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Metamorphic Manufacturing

 Project Number:67

 Author: Lauren Drew​, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

 Mentor: Kester Clarke, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of DPPC Films and Graphene Particles

 Project Number:16

 Author: Philip Skeps​, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Joseph Samaniuk, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Multi-Instance Learning Methods for Cancer Detection in Histopathological Images

 Project Number:38

 Author: Lucia Saldana Barco​, Computer Science

 Mentor: Hua Wang​, Computer Science

Multiphysics Simulation of Additive Manufacturing

 Project Number:72

 Author: Beau Nannie​, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

 Mentor: Jonah Klemm-Toole, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Observed Control Development

 Project Number:63

 Author: Elissa Himes​, Mechanical Engineering

 Mentor: Andrew Petruska, Mechanical Engineering | Austin Oltmanns, Mechanical Engineering

Optical Metrology For Advanced Manufacturing II

 Project Number:87

 Author: Morgan Trexler​, Mechanical Engineering

 Mentor: Jeff Squier, Physics

Optical Nanosensors for Monitoring Oxygen Gradients in Capillary Culture Systems

 Project Number:11

 Author: Cecilia Nepple​, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Kevin Cash, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Optimizing Campus Food Waste Management for Energy and Nutrient Recovery

 Project Number:29

 Author: Mridhula Manoj, Civil and Environmental Engineering

 Mentor: Amy Landis, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Optimizing Genetic Algorithm Parameters for Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide Models

 Project Number:1

 Author: Meera Duggal​, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

 Mentor: Dorit Hammerling, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Origins of Time-Dependent Springback in Aluminum

 Project Number:75

 Author: Dawson Tong, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

 Mentor: Kester Clarke, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Paleogene Climate Zones

 Project Number:51

 Author: Chad Abarbanel​, Geology and Geological Engineering

 Mentor: Piret Bjorklund, Geology and Geological Engineering

Procedurally Generated Microwave Devices Compatible with Additive Manufacturing Methods

 Project Number:45

 Author: Andrew McEntee​, Electrical Engineering

 Mentor: Payam Nayeri​, Electrical Engineering | Geoff Brennecka, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Property Based Testing on Forward Kinematics in Amino

 Project Number:34

 Author: Ryker Fish​, Computer Science

 Mentor: Neil Dantam, Computer Science

Proton Exchange Membrane durability enhancement through Antioxidant

 Project Number:6

 Author: Joshua Cedillos​, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Andrew M. Herring, Chemical and Biological Engineering | Christoph ChulOong Kim, Chemical and Biological Engineering


 Project Number:39

 Author: Hayden Sather, Computer Science

 Mentor: Hao Zhang, Computer Science

Roughness Analysis of Fuel Cell Catalyst Layers

 Project Number:21

 Author: Olivia Bird​, Chemistry

 Mentor: Svitlana Pylypenko, Chemistry

Scalable Synthesis of SiS2 for Next Generation Batteries

 Project Number:5

 Author: Jerry Birnbaum​, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Colin Wolden, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Scaling Multi-Instance Support Vector Machines for Big Data Classification

 Project Number:32

 Author: Lauren Zoe Baker​, Computer Science

 Mentor: Hua Wang, Computer Science

Segmented Ultralight Morphing Rotor Wind Turbine Analysis

 Project Number:42

 Author: Jess Graham​, Electrical Engineering

 Mentor: Kathryn Johnson, Electrical Engineering

Sigma-Hole Bonding Unnatural Base Pairs

 Project Number:22

 Author: Tara Buzinski​, Chemical and Biological Engineering | Michael Melville, Chemistry

 Mentor: Mike McGuirk, Chemistry

Simulating Nonlinear Waves on Vortex Rings in Ideal Fluids

 Project Number:4

 Author: Kaleigh Rudge​, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

 Mentor: Scott Strong, Applied Mathematics and Statistics


 Project Number:62

 Author: Jorgen Heilbron​, Mechanical Engineering

 Mentor: Jason Porter, Mechanical Engineering

Stories@Mines App

 Project Number:37

 Author: Josh Rummelhart​, Computer Science

 Mentor: Sebnem Duzgun, Computer Science

Sustainability Assessment and Its Mapping to SDGs for the Extractive Industries

 Project Number:77

 Author: Christina Adjiman​, Petroleum Engineering

 Mentor: Sebnem Düzgün and Nicole Smith, Mining Engineering

Sustainable Use of Earth Resource Materials – Glass From Tailings

 Project Number:56

 Author: Lauren Holt​, Geology and Geological Engineering

 Mentor: Katharina Pfaff, Geology and Geological Engineering

Synthesis and Evaluation of N-Doped Carbon-Based Supports and Catalysts

 Project Number:23

 Author: Denali Ibbotson, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Svitlana Pylypenko,  Chemistry

Task Balanced Multimodal Feature Selection to Identify Biomarkers Associated With Alzheimer’s

 Project Number:36

 Author: Braedon O'Callaghan​, Computer Science

 Mentor: Hua Wang, Computer Science

The Analysis of Droplet Formation and Surface Interactions of MicroWheels

 Project Number:14

 Author: Tyler Schraeder, Chemical and Biological Engineering | Logan Yeager, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: David Marr, Chemical and Biological Engineering

The Effects of Rapid Thermal Annealing on the Structure of Thin Film Silicon Clathrate

 Project Number:13

 Author: Jessica Richman, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

 Mentor: Carolyn Koh, Chemical and Biological Engineering | Reuben Collins, Physics

The Role of the Conserved Disulfide Bond in G Protein Coupled Receptors

 Project Number:15

 Author: Varsha Selvam​, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Judith Klein-Seetharaman, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Unconventional Wells and Hydraulic Fracturing Sand Consumption in Colorado

 Project Number:81

 Author: Erik Villar​, Petroleum Engineering

 Mentor: Nicole Smith, Mining Engineering | Sebnem Duzgun, Mining Engineering

Uncovering the Secrets of Biological Vesicles

 Project Number:20

 Author: Elizabeth Betz​, Chemistry

 Mentor: Kim Williams, Chemistry

Understanding Influence of Heat-Treatment on Serrated Yielding in a Ni Superalloy

 Project Number:66

 Author: Nathan Brown, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

 Mentor: Kester Clarke, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering | Amy Clarke, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Understanding the Role of Conductive Binders in Li-Air Batteries

 Project Number:64

 Author: Sarena Nguyen​, Chemical and Biological Engineering

 Mentor: Steven DeCaluwe, Mechanical Engineering

Wintertime Cloud Seeding : Evaluating the Cloud Seeding “Renaissance” in the Colorado River Basin

 Project Number:60

 Author: Abby Bullard​, Civil and Environmental Engineering

 Mentor: Adrianne Kroepsch, Humanities and Social Sciences

Wrist Phantom Model for Biomedical Imaging Applications

 Project Number:44

 Author: Rachel Lumnitzer​, Electrical Engineering

 Mentor: Atef Elsherbeni, Electrical Engineering