About Reuleaux

Our Mision Statement

Reuleaux is the Mines Undergraduate Research magazine, focused on celebrating the efforts, accomplishments, and creativity of student researchers on campus.

This magazine will give undergraduate researchers a platform by which they may publish engaging narrative descriptions of their research — in the physical sciences or otherwise — that are approachable to a large audience and that elicit excitement! As such, the language and graphic design of articles published in Reuleaux should be clear, concise, and non-exclusive to readers hoping to learn more about the cutting edge of research at Mines. This mantra to publishing presents the opportunity for Mines students to further develop their scientific communication skills for a larger audience than just the scientific research community.

Reuleaux will provide the opportunity for undergraduate researchers to pursue a peer-reviewed status, however, should they be interested. Reuleaux will focus on developing an on-campus network of faculty and staff that may offer peer-review services, should they be desired.

The content of Reuleaux is intended to span the scope of all physical and social sciences. As such, this magazine is not limited to showcasing research often associated with the ubiquitous concentration of Mines: engineering. Furthermore, this magazine hopes to give a narrative to the journey of undergraduate research by featuring insight from laboratories, faculty, alumni, and fellowships that have shaped the culture of Mines undergraduate research.

Primary stakeholders in the development of each edition of Reuleaux are the student body of Mines, the Mines Foundation, Mines alumni and Mines faculty. The primary purpose of involving these stakeholders is to ensure that Reuleaux is a magazine that can be picked up and thoroughly enjoyed by most individuals at most any time.  

The ultimate goal, then, of Reuleaux is to make scientific research exciting and readable, for what is the point of novel scientific research if no one reads it? With this in mind, Reuleaux hopes to showcase undergraduate research so that it may garner for itself greater support — whether that be financially, spatially, temporally, or otherwise — in achieving its ultimate goals.


Tyler Pritchard, Editor in Chief

Tyler Pritchard is a fourth year student pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering and two minors in Energy and Public Affairs. On campus, Tyler volunteers with the Mines Green Team, works as a teaching assistant for the Thorson First-Year program, and also conducts techno-economic research for fuel cell syngas systems for the Mechanical Engineering Department. Outside of class, Tyler enjoys championing the importance of integrated techno-political solutions, user-centered design, green transport systems, and effective scientific communication. This is ultimately how Tyler got involved with Reuleaux. His passion for bridging the gap between engineering, policy, and society hinges on quality scientific communication: a skill he hopes to develop on the Mines campus through his work with Reuleaux. Already, Tyler’s involvement with Reuleaux has given him innumerable networking opportunities, first-hand experience with the scientific publication process, and the ability to work alongside with prospective authors on developing more approachable scientific writing. He looks forward to seeing how Reuleaux and the Mines campus will grow to embrace this mantra of effective, approachable scientific writing for the masses!

Austin Monaghan, Head Content Editor

Austin Monaghan is a Senior studying Engineering Physics and minors in Mathematics and Public Affairs. Afflicted by a not-so-rare disease that has left him incapable of sitting still since childhood, Austin spends more time training for club Triathlon and Cycling races than he would care to admit to his professors. Off the bike, Austin enjoys backcountry skiing, climbing, cooking, and getting sunburned. Finishing his fifth semester as an executive of Hike for Help, he has had the great fortune of traveling twice to the enchanted land of Nepal where he discovered a passion for education and a fear of giant leeches. At least once daily he marvels at his dumb luck and attempts to continue his work in education as a Phys 100 TA and as an editor of Reuleaux. It is Austin’s pleasure to work with the amazing editors and authors involved in the publication of this journal with the shared goal of encouraging the exciting culture of undergraduate research here at Mines. Austin would like to thank you for this opportunity.

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