Bridge Opportunities for Transfer Student Success


Spend the transitional summer months between community college and Mines performing authentic, cutting-edge research.

During this time, you’ll focus on an in-depth research project while being exposed to a diverse array of research topics and practicing science communication. You’ll become part of a diverse research community that includes other undergraduates and mentorship from graduate students and professors. As a cross-cutting program, BOTS includes science and engineering researchers from across the Mines campus. A small fraction of these topics include water resources, energy, nanotechnology, biophysics, and robotics.

We are seeking undergraduate transfer students to Mines from all disciplines. Students without prior research experience are especially encouraged to apply.

Such an experience provides:

  • hands-on experience to complement in-class learning
  • soft skill development (presentations, writing, teamwork)
  • peer group formation with other transfer students
  • mentorship from current Mines students, grad students, and faculty members
  • potentially, initialization of a longer-term research project


  • Receive $12/hr as a student employee
  • Program is 11 weeks long, starting May 18 th, 2020 to July 31st 2020.
  • Open to transfer students from community colleges who are accepted into Mines

Prior BOTS Research Posters

Prior BOTS Research Posters

Prior BOTS Research Posters

Prior BOTS Research Posters

Prior BOTS Research Posters

Student Experiences

“I benefited greatly from the BOTS program.”

When transferring from out of state, I had the opportunity to get to know Colorado School of Mines a few months before starting classes.  The 3-month head start allowed me to not only get to know the campus, but build working relationships between students and professors that would benefit me throughout my time at Mines.  My main project was to design and manufacture thermoelectric instruments which allowed me to gain integral design experience.  I spent many hours working in Solidworks and then I would take what I rendered and manufacture the instruments myself.  During the manufacturing stage, I gained hands on experience in machining, 3D printing, and CNC’ing.  The experience I gained participating in the BOTS program gave me a distinct advantage over my peers and has greatly contributed to my success at Mines.

-Chamai Shahim

“While my experience through BOTS has benefited me in many ways, the most measurable are the gains in technical and professional skills.”

During my internship I learnt how to use several different computer programs and I was taught how to run various lab equipment. Professionally I was shown how to present data in a professional, communicable way. However personally the greatest thing I got from BOTS was a huge boost in my confidence. I realized that I could not only survive, but thrive in a school like Mines and it encouraged me to start thinking about pursuing a Masters and a possible career in research.

-Brianne Treffner


To apply, please follow the link below:

Please make sure your essay answers are long enough that we get a sense of who you are.

For questions, email Eric Toberer at