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Comparison of ESG Rankings: Latin America Operators

Linda Battalora

Project Goals and Description:

The project entails two main objectives: (1) A compilation of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) rankings of Latin American Oil and Gas and Mining operators/companies, as per the rankings published by the agencies Sustainalytics and MSCI. (2) A comparison of the O&G and Mining ESG profile of Latin America region with the rest of the world. This compilation of data and the analysis of the results will enable a statistical and practical approach to assess the status of the Latin America region about sustainability indexes, identifying possible opportunities and/or gaps there might be to accelerate sustainability purposes. As a by-product, this project will create a valuable understanding and a needed perspective on the student(s) involved about the importance of sustainability policies for environmental protection, social growth, and investment relevance of the mining and oil and gas sectors.

More Information:

Grand Challenge: Advance personalized learning.
These resources provide an overview of ESG and ESG reporting and rankings:

Primary Contacts:

Linda Battalora, | Maria Capello,

Student Preparation


What qualification should the student have at project start?
  • Knowledge of Excel, ability to prepare plots (bar graphs, radar diagrams and tables)
  • Analytical capacity


2-3 hours/week, on average


  • Knowledge about which are the main companies operating in Latin America in Oil and Gas, and in the mining sectors
  • Understanding of what is ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) parameters for sustainability rankings
  • Hands-on practical experience on ESG rankings parameters and scales
  • Awareness-level Knowledge of the Sustainability standing of Latin America region


Dr. Battalora will mentor the student 1h/week up until completion (total of 15 hours) Maria A. Capello will mentor the student .5h/week up until completion (total of 7 hours) Mentoring includes in person and Zoom meetings to discuss project overview, objectives, research questions, data acquisition, analysis and compilation of research


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