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Cyberwarfare Policy

Elizabeth V Davis

Project Goals and Description:

This is a project about the cyberwar policy of the three major powers, the United States, the Russian Federation, and the People’s Republic of China. After outlining the multiple facets of cyberwarfare, the project looks into the unique characteristics of the policies guiding these powers. The United States policy is primarily a military policy, assisted by expensive and powerful cyber technology. Russian policy is politically chaotic, focusing on multiple undisciplined attempts with the hope that a few will succeed. Cyber policy in China is stealth and quiet, with incredible levels of dedicated manpower and a focus on economic strength. Cyberwar has ushered in the 21st century and outlines the new warfare of this century.
This project will be completed inconjunction with Kings College Londonand various other collaborators. This will primarily be done via Zoom discussions, in which the undergrauate resercher will attend. The interaction between the student and Mines professors will be in-person, with some electronc sharing of drafts and materials.

More Information:

Grand Challenge: Secure cyberspace.
SHADOW WARFARE: Cyberwar Policy in the US, Russia, and China (London: Rowman & Littlefield, 2021) by Elizabeth Van Wie Davis, Professor, Colordo School of Mines Assesses the policies and approaches of cyberwar in the US, Russia, and China, including attacks, strategies, and rationale. (Translated into Japanese)

Primary Contacts:

Elizabeth V. Davis,

Student Preparation


A grounding in computer science and technological advances in weaponry.


3-5 hours per week.


The student will emerge with a better understanding of the interplay between technology and security.


The student will be mentored weekly in terms of technology & security, writing, and publishing, through regular meetings, collaboration in international meetings, readings, and assessment.


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