Project Info

Data science applications for net zero carbon strategy in extractive industries

sebnem duzgun
nicole smith

Project Goals and Description:

Development of net zero carbon strategies in extractive industries has become crucial.  This project  aims at understanding various decorbanization strategies  using data driven approaches.  For example how autonomous operations, water and energy use, waste management in mining and oil and gas industries can contribute to decarbonization efforts  will be considered for a typical extractive industry to compare various alternatives using emissions data.  Moreover emission data will be analyzed using machine and statistical learning methods to determine emission patterns
The team will work with graduate students and the faculty.  Students will learn methods to be incorporated with the help of graduate students

More Information:

Grand Challenge: Engineer the tools of scientific discovery.

Primary Contacts:

sebnem duzgun, nicole smith,

Student Preparation


Knowledge of extractive industries, ambition to learn data curation and coding




Syudentw will gain skills of data science and its applications


students will establish a work plan including deliverables with the help of graduate students and faculty mentors.  they will join weekly meetings and present their progress.  students will work together with graduate students in developing their data science skills

Preferred Student Status

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