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Mines Undergraduate Research Fellowships, MURF, and Interdisciplinary MURF, IMURF, are a few ways faculty mentors choose to engage undergraduate students in innovative research.  All Mines faculty are welcome to submit a project proposal for a MURF or IMURF project.  The priority deadline for MURF and IMURF 2021-2022 project proposals is April 9th, 2021. If you cannot meet this deadline, our office still encourages you to submit a proposal as many students use our website to discover research opportunities around campus.

Funding Student Research

Mines Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Mines Undergraduate Research Fellowship  takes place in the Fall and Spring semester and awards students $1,500 for work completed over the academic year. MURF helps enhance the education of undergraduate students by providing them an opportunity to work as research assistants on faculty-led research projects in a wide range of disciplines.

First-Year Innovation & Research Scholar Training

FIRST fellowship offers select, highly motivated first-year students the opportunity to participate in original research with a focus on innovation and scholarship. FIRST fellowship recipients are awarded a $1000 stipend. Each student must attend a weekly seminar in the Fall and are given one-on-one guided mentor-ship introducing them to research in the Spring.

Work Study & Independent Study

Work study and independent study are opportunities almost all undergraduate students can utilize to conduct research at Mines. Work Study is contingent on students eligibility. Alternatively, all students can enroll in Independent Research for credit. With these opportunities, every student has the chance to capitalize on their education and catalyze a career in research and industry.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Colorado School of Mines provides an array of REU programs on a yearly basis. Many of these programs vary in focus, timeline, and funding. They are often provided in coordination with other universities and established research organizations. If you are Mines faculty and would like to have your REU featured on our website, please contact our office.

Showcasing Student Work

Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Undergraduate Research Symposium gives undergraduate researchers the chance to share their hard work with a larger audience and build their portfolio. All faculty, staff, and graduate students are encouraged to interact with the presenters and explore the breadth of interdisciplinary research conducted by undergraduate students at Mines.

Reuleaux, Undergraduate Research Magazine

Reuleaux is the Mines Undergraduate Research magazine, focused on celebrating the efforts, accomplishments, and creativity of student researchers on campus. Reuleaux gives undergraduate researchers an avenue to publish engaging narrative descriptions of their research — in the physical sciences or otherwise — that are approachable to a large audience.

Travel Grants

All current undergraduate students conducting research at Mines are eligible for a Travel Grant through the office of Undergraduate Research Scholars, UHSP. Travel Grants award up to $400 per student, per year. These grants encourage undergraduate researchers to present their scholarly work at a regional and national conferences.

Professional Development Opportunities for Students

Undergraduate Research Scholar Distinction

Undergraduate Research Scholar Distinction is a notable honor for dedicated undergraduate student researchers. To be distinguished as an Undergraduate Research Scholar at graduation, students must complete, at minimum, two semesters of mentored undergraduate research, present their research, and obtain a recommendation from a Mines faculty mentor.

Emerging Scholar Seminar Series

The Emerging Scholar Seminar Series offers weekly seminars on various topics of interest to undergraduate student researchers at Mines. Any interested students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to attend these free, insightful seminars. There are no limitations on attendance – simply find the seminars that are of interest to you and RSVP.

Undergraduate Research Ambassadors

Undergraduate Research Ambassadors (URAs) are peer ambassadors with experience navigating research at Mines. In addition to hosting and attending events pertaining to undergraduate research through URSSO (Undergraduate Research Scholars Student Organization), they serve as in invaluable resource to current and prospective students interested in conducting undergraduate research at Mines.