Project Info

IoT Security and Privacy Protection

Chuan Yue

Project Goals and Description:

The number of smart home IoT (Internet of Things) devices has been growing fast in recent years. Along with the great benefits brought by smart home devices, new threats have appeared. Two major threats to smart home users are the compromise of their privacy and the compromise of their IoT devices. In this project, we design user studies, new algorithms, and new systems to protect the security and privacy of smart home users.

More Information:

Grand Challenge: Secure cyberspace.
Exploring the Negotiation Behaviors of Owners and Bystanders over Data Practices of Smart Home Devices. By Ahmed Alshehri, Eugin Pahk, Joseph Spielman, Jacob Parker, Benjamin Gilbert, and Chuan Yue. To appear in proceedings of the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), 2023 Exploring the Privacy Concerns of Bystanders in Smart Homes from the Perspectives of both Owners and Bystanders. By Ahmed Alshehri, Joseph Spielman, Amiya Prasad, and Chuan Yue. In proceedings of the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS), 2022. Please contact Dr. Chuan Yue ( for more publications and resources including our IoT devices.

Primary Contacts:

Dr. Chuan Yue ( and his PhD students (TBD).

Student Preparation


Students who major in Computer Science, already took 200-level CS courses, familiar with Web and/or mobile app programming techniques.


4~5 hours per week.


Research methodology; system design principles and skills; research paper reading, presentation, and writing; communication.


1. Weekly project meeting. 2. Highly level guidance on research direction and methodology. 3. Teamwork with PhD and master students.


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