Are you ready to publish in Reuleaux?


Reuleaux is now accepting high-level undergraduate research for publication in 2024! Having research published under your name will elevate your profile to future employers and fulfill a requirement for admission into many masters and PhD programs. You can publish a spotlight article in Reuleaux even if you are planning to publish your research elsewhere! See below for instructions for submitting a publication. Be sure to start planning your submission early! The deadline for submission is January 29th, 2024. 

Printed Publication Formats


Reuleaux accepts undergraduate research for publication in a variety of formats, including full-length papers, abbreviated works, abstracts, and other spotlight pieces. Full-length papers and other extended documents will be published in their entirety online and cited in the printed issue of Reuleaux—the printed issue will showcase the more abbreviated spotlight pieces. All publications will be submitted to the Mines Institutional Repository and listed under the same DOI, making them easily discoverable and citable. If you intend to publish a full-length paper with Reuleaux you must also submit an abbreviated spotlight of some form to be published in print. This will grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to further explore your research online! You do not need to publish a full-length paper in order to publish a spotlight article.

Spotlight Article

At just 2-4 pages in length, this submission category seeks to spotlight new and exciting projects on campus in a bite-sized, high-level format. These articles should be less in-depth than a full-length journal article, and provide a more digestible synopsis of the impacts and importance of the research. Figures and visuals are highly encouraged.

Reuleaux Writing Grant (RWG) Article

RWG articles are standalone written pieces meant to fully illustrate a research narrative. These articles are 4-6 pages in length and must reflect at least two semesters of dedicated engagement and contribution to a research project. As such, these articles are expected to have a fully developed abstract, a repeatable methodology, and professional quality results. The expectation is that these articles reflect the highest quality effort in both research and writing. Relevant figures are required. For more information and how to apply, visit the Reuleaux Writing Grant page.

Faculty Interview Articles

It is important to highlight the full breadth of the undergraduate research experience at Mines, which includes research from the faculty perspective. For this submission category, students will interview an approved faculty member of their choice, asking them questions about things such as their research experience, how they arrived at Mines, what they look for in prospective undergraduate team members, and more. After conducting the interview, the student will write up a 2-3 page article highlighting the faculty member’s experience and story. These articles should be similar to the Spotlight Articles, except with a more question-and-answer format to fit the interview style. Figures and visuals are highly encouraged.