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Transforming Geoscience: Grassroots DI&A Activism for Disciplinary Change

Elizabeth Reddy
Danica Roth

Project Goals and Description:

This is an exciting moment in geoscience. While geoscience fields have historically been overwhelmingly white and male, and uncomfortable places for members of minoritized communities, grassroots movements for change are growing. Scientists are devoting increasing attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion, considering how the ordinary practices of their disciplines might change to engage, include, and celebrate all kinds of geoscientists. The American Geophysical Union has organized sessions and groups to discuss the topic, the NSF has offered grants to advance these efforts, and projects like URGE (Unlearning Racism in Geoscience) have brought people together. With this project, we seek to collect and analyze data on grassroots efforts to transform geoscience. We seek an undergraduate student researcher to produce a record of this very important movement and  identify opportunities and challenges. This student will contribute to the development of an article for a peer-reviewed journal.
The team, including the student, Dr. Reddy, and Dr. Roth  will meet once every other  week and other times at needed. The student will have the opportunity to lead research, but  will undertake this activity with substantial guidance and feedback to make sure that research experience can be a creative learning activity.

More Information:

Grand Challenge: Not applicable.
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Primary Contacts:

Elizabeth Reddy,

Student Preparation


At least one HE course; At least one geoscience course at the 200 level


3-5 hours/week for each.


Immediately, student will gain interview skills and interview and document analysis skills as well as reading and writing skills that will serve them in the future. These experiences will support the development of many kinds of research, analysis, and communication skills, and will help student(s) gain experience with time management and the kind of self-directed inquiry that will be of great use in industry or future coursework alike.


Check-ins every other week with additional meetings as needed.  The student should act as project leader. They should do so with support necessary. This will mean, at least, tailored research methods and analysis training, guidance for goal setting.  We plan work in a series of steps:
  • 1.  First, mentored by Drs. Reddy and Roth,  the student will select a case of grassroots activism in geoscience.
  • 2.    Guided by Dr. Reddy and with support from Dr. Roth, the team will collect relevant reports and identify people to interview to collect stories of grassroots activism.
  • 3.    Guided by Dr. Reddy the student will analyze report and interview findings to develop a portrait of DI&A activism and develop insights related to opportunities and challenges.
  • 4.    Mentored by Drs. Reddy and Roth, the student will draft findings from this research for presentation at appropriate conferences and/or a journal.

Preferred Student Status

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