Summer 2021 Undergraduate Research Poster Session

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Application of Data Science and Big Data Analytics in Underground Transportation Infrastructure

| Authors: Juliet Malkowski - California State University Los Angeles

| Mentors: Mohammad Pourhomayoun - California State University Los Angeles

Clay Rheology assessment

| Authors: Dylan Salica - Univeristy at Buffalo

| Mentors: Jamal Rostami - Colorado School of Mines

Development of a Metric Tool for Material Discovery through Informatics

| Authors: Axel Garfio - University of Denver, Jack Marley - Texas State University, Daniela Dominguez - University of Georgia, Nancy Ortiz - University of Colorado - Boulder

| Mentors: Eric Toberer, Vanessa Meschke, Rachel Orenstein - Colorado School of Mines

Freeze/Thaw Performance of Novel Biochar-Cement Mortars

| Authors: Megan Potuzak - Auburn University

| Mentors: Lori Tunstall, Julia Hylton - Colorado School of Mines, CSM

Improved Methods of Rock Tunneling in Excavation

| Authors: Charles Hruda​ - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

| Mentors: Rennie Kaunda - Colorado School of Mines

Incorporation of Phase Change Materials in Concrete for Geothermal Energy Structures

| Authors: Ryan Schanta​ - Cornell University

| Mentors: Suleiman Naito, Clay Naito - Lehigh University

Investigation of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforcement in Concrete Under Heating

| Authors: Janell Prater - University of Louisville

| Mentors: Clay Naito, Spencer Quiel, Aerik Carlton - Lehigh University

New Grasshopper Plugins and Methods for Finite Element Analysis of 3D Printed Concrete Structures

| Authors: Schuyler Mangiafico - University of Arizona

| Mentors: Mehran Mazari - California State University of Los Angeles

Novel Alkali-Noble Metal Acetylides With High Johnson Figures of Merit

| Authors: Theodora Ciobanu​ - University of Notre Dame

| Mentors: Vladan Stevanovic - Colorado School of Mines

PBIED Scenarios in Rail Tunnels: An overview of existing literature

| Authors: Alex Bullinger​ - University of Arizona

| Mentors: Tona Rodriguez - California State University LA

Performance Study of Segmental Tunnel Liners Under Thrust Jack Loads

| Authors: Constantine Patmanidis - Lehigh University

| Mentors: Ziyan Ouyang, Spencer Quiel, Clay Naito - Lehigh University

Seismic Impact on Tunnels

| Authors: Abdur Rahaman - Lehigh University

| Mentors: Paolo Bocchini - Lehigh University

Structure, Stability, Electronic Properties, and Quantum Capacitance of Pristine and Defective Mo2CT2 (T = Cl, F, O, OH) MXene

| Authors: Sol Farber - Freed-Hardeman University, Kyle Sprecker - University of Wisconsin-Madison

| Mentors: Siby Thomas,  Mohsen Asle Zaeem - Colorado School of Mines

The Impact of Tunnel Resilience on Transportation Networks

| Authors: Erin Bowie - Arkansas State University

| Mentors: Shiling Pei - Colorado School of Mines

Using SAR Imagery to Study Underground Infrastructure

| Authors: Daniel Vazquez - University of Alaska, Fairbanks

| Mentors: Jingjing Li - California State University, Los Angeles

Water Uptake of Thin Film Nafion in Proton Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells

| Authors: Joelle Scott​ - Case Western Reserve University

| Mentors: Corey Randall​, Melodie Glasser, Steven DeCaluwe - Colorado School of Mines