Available Projects 2020-2021

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Understanding Localized Deformation in Ni-Based Superalloys for Gas Turbine Disk Applications

Environmental Seismology – Using Geophysical Tools to Study Surface Processes

Interdifffusion Barrier for Multi-Material Structures

Development of Additively Manufactured Nuclear Reactor Fuel

Additively Manufactured Radiation Shielding

Characterization of the High Temperature Rocket Engine Alloy C-103

Simulated Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing Experiments to Evaluate Laser-Metal Interactions

Assembly of microparticles for robots and composite materials under combined electric and magnetic fields

Assembly of colloidal clusters with homochirality under combined electric and magnetic field

Heat Treatment Optimization of Additively Manufactured Aluminum Alloys 6061 and AlSi10Mg

State-of-the-Art Multiphysics Simulations to Better Understand Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing of High-Pressure Components for Nuclear Power Plants

Applying Insulin Sensitivity Measures in the Context of Dysregulated Insulin

Integration of sociotechnical engineering into core courses

IMURF – Evaluation of Capillary Condensation in Synthesized Porous Materials with Finely-Tuned Pore Sizes

Robotic Blacksmithing – monitoring and control of a flexible, freeform metal deformation process

Measuring students’ changes in perception toward engineering design

Measuring the impact of courses on student’s professional skills related to engineering practice

Observed Control Development

Improving Microwave Device Efficiency Through Quantitative Visualization of Electromagnetic Fields

Polymers from Dye Molecules

Modeling Well Logging for Oil and Gas Applications

Modeling Multi-Scale Electromagnetic Phenomena

Hybrid Electricity

Development of a Manual Probe Station for Electrical Transport Measurements on Nanostructured Devices

Using Artificial Enzymes to Expand the Range of Biosynthesized Chemicals

IMURF – Robot-Assisted Autonomous Infrastructure Inspection

Using Added Mass Exhibited during Oscillations to Measure Gas Density

Machine learning to optimize additive manufacturing parameters

IMURF – Mines indoor/outdoor air quality

Molecular Thermodynamics of Aqueous Electrolyte Systems

Molecular Simulations of Clathrate Hydrates

Enhancing Core Mathematics with Concepts from Educational Psychology: A Mixed-Method Assessment

Geometric Quantum Hydrodynamics: Modeling and Simulation of Vortex Rings in Ideal Fluids

IMURF – X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Simulator

Gold supply chains in Peru

Water and Wind: Tradeoffs of Irrigation and Clean Energy

Cryogenic thermal conductivity measurements

IMURF – Memory elements for Neuromorphic Computing using Superconductor Ferroelectric Hybrids

Hydrologic Feature Detection with Python

Catalyst-ionomer interactions in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells

Synthesis and Characterization of N-doped carbon -based supports and catalysts and PGM-free catalysts

Investigation of solid state lithium batteries

Do largest changes in climate correspond to largest drivers?

Climate zones in extreme greenhouse world


Interfacial properties of hydrates in energy production

IMURF – Silicon Clathrate Semiconductors

Segmented Ultralight Morphing Rotor Wind Turbine Analysis

IMURF – Automated Lithology Prediction from Digital Outcrop Models Using Machine Learning

Hardware Development for Atomic Scale Tomography

Exploring the atomic structure of oxides glasses with Atom Probe Tomography

Hydrogen Fuel from Sunlight and Water

Data Analytics and Mathematical Programming for Applications in Economics and Business

Mechanisms of Pancreatic Cell Death in Type 1 Diabetes

IMURF – Machine Learning and AI for resources engineering

IMURF – Virtual Reality for Engineering Training

Charcoal impacts on near-surface hydrology

Hydrostratigraphy of the New England Continental Margin

Communication Decisions in Robot Swarms

Learning Robot Motion Ability

Heat Treatment of Aluminum Die Castings

Metamorphic Manufacturing – Robotic Blacksmithing and the 3rd Wave of Digital Manufacturing

Robotics and Nature: From Evolutionary Computation to Intelligent Robots

Purification of Helium from Natural Gas Employing Zeolite Membranes


Porous Crystalline Membranes for the Removal of Chemical Warfare Agents from Water

IMURF – Mine Dust Measurement with Location Tracking

Thermal energy storage in buildings using phase change materials

IMURF – 1:40 Scaled Model of a Longwall Coal Mine for Explosion Testing

Developing Robust Brain Imaging Genomics Data Mining Framework for Improved Cognitive Health

Semantic Mapping for Robot Indoor Localization and Navigation

Responsible Engineering of Emerging Technologies

Machine Learning For Materials Characterization

IMURF – Innovative Methods for Characterization of Rock Joints

Sigma-Hole Bonding Unnatural DNA Base Pairs

Hydrogen Storage and Delivery in Porous Frameworks

Molten Carbonate Membranes For High Temperature CO2 Separations

Spectroscopic Investigation of Lithium Transport in Electrolytes for Battery Fast Charging

Developing Brewster Angle Microscopy at Oil-Water Interfaces

Molecular Dynamics Simulations with 2D Materials

Lost Circulation Study

Signal Processing Demonstrations for Inspiring K-12 Students to Pursue STEM Careers and Education

Electrochemical Growth of Superconductors

IMURF – Multimaterial Additive Manufacturing for Custom, High-Performance RF Electronics

“Cold Sintering”: Teaching New Rocks Old Tricks

Automation and Integration of Microwave Network and Spectrum Analyzer Measurements

IMURF – Sustainable Development and the Extractive Industries

IMURF – Learning and Teaching Sociotechnical Thinking in Engineering Courses

IMURF – Sustainable Use of Earth Resource Materials – Glass from Tailings

Changes in Groundwater and Surface-Water Exchange within Mountain Streams Due to Logjams

Environmental Microbiology in the Lab – Nanosensors to Monitor Capillary-Based Systems

Effects of Non-Linear Failure Envelope on Different Geotechnical Analyses

Apache Drill Data Collection and Analysis

Engineering Biomimetic Materials For Use in Energy Applications

Designing New Drugs to Treat Bacterial Infections by Inhibiting the Iron-Sulfur Cluster Biosynthetic Pathway

What Secrets Do Biological Particles Hold?

Modeling Nanoplastics and Polymer Separations Using COMSOL Multiphysics

Walk-In: A Biometric Security System based on Vibration Signals

Constraining West Antarctic snow variability with GNSS reflectometry

Modeling Dynamic Thermal Energy Storage for Concentrating Solar Power

Catalysts for CO2 Conversion

Green Synthesis of Metal Sulfide Nanocrystals

Environmental Justice

Organic and Polymeric Materials for Energy Applications

Electromagntic Waves Interaction with Human Tissues

Geological Context of Small-Scale Mining in Latin America

Deposition of Magnetic 2D Materials

Vortex Dynamics in Superconductors

Designing and Building a Point-Contact Spectroscopy Setup

Programming Electronic Transport Measurement Equipment to Study the Dynamics of Magnetic Domains

What advice do students give to each other in high structure courses?

Optical Metrology for Advanced Manufacturing II

Optimizing Campus Food Waste Management for Energy and Nutrient Recovery

Assessing the Value of Remote Sensing Data for Rock Fall Hazard Prediction

Analysis of Remotely-Sensed Rockfall Monitoring Data

Mixed Reality for Gesturally Limited Robots

Confidence-Based Category Transition of Spatial Gestures

Synthesis and Characterization of Anti-viral Metal/Metal Oxide Particles

Global Competencies for Engineering Students

Formulating Shear Thickening Fluids for Enhancing Impact Protection

Crowdsourcing-assisted Prediction of Traffic Conditions

Distributed Spacecraft Network

What Would Whitman #hashtag

Heuristics for Problems in Heavy Industry

Investigating Regulation of the MEP Pathway in Cyanobacteria for Limonene Production

IMURF – Adaptive learning and quantification algorithms for advances in geological exploration

IMURF – Collecting and Analysing Case Studies of Extractive Industries in terms of various ethical perspective

New and Improved methods for rock excavation in mining and tunneling

Characterizing change in biomass during diurnal growth of algae

IMURF – A Networked Drone System for Environmental Monitoring

IMURF – Learning and teaching sociotechnical thinking in engineering courses at multiple levels and two universities

IMURF – Understanding the sources of Carbon Monoxide

IMURF – Lossy compression for climate model data

IMURF – Formative analysis and improvement of sociotechnical thinking in a core EE undergraduate course

IMURF – Robot, Found: The Collaborative Human-Machine Poetry Writing Project

IMURF – Wireless Moisture Monitoring on Mass Timber Construction

IMURF – Assessing the Value of Remote Sensing Data for Rock Fall Hazard Prediction

IMURF – Automation to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery

Beneficial application of wetland treatment materials

IoT-based Adaptive Irrigation using Reclaimed Water

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