Vanguard & Caldwell Outcomes

Program Evaluation

The Vanguard and Caldwell programs’ values and objectives set the structure for the scholars community. The Scholars’ feedback, both informally throughout the academic year, and formally every May, help shape the evolution of the program. The data presented below are from the 2022 Incoming Vanguard and Caldwell Survey.

influential factorsn = 35 responses

Program Objectives

  • Provide a signature student experience that meets the needs of each Vanguard  & Caldwell Scholar.
  • Increase sense of belonging and connection on campus.
  • Increase confidence in ability to achieve academic, personal and professional goals.
  • Increase leadership skills.
  • Greater affinity toward Mines.
  • Increase confidence in written and verbal communication.
  • Increase preparedness for working with individuals with diverse social identities.

Want more data?

The data presented here show the May 2019-2023 End-of-Year Survey results. Navigate the sections below by clicking on the circle plus icon.


n = 170 responses

Scholars are supported by a team of campus leaders, faculty mentors and WISEM staff from their first day on campus through the day they cross the stage at Commencement.

Sense of belonging

n = 176 responses

The Scholars have several structured activities throughout each semester designed to help them connect with one another and increase their feelings of belonging on campus and in the community. A sample of group gatherings include: Fall Welcome Weekend, Freshman Success Seminar (CSM101), social outings, group dinners, etc.

Overall experience

n = 176 responses


n = 170 responses