Computing Q&A for entering students and their parents

Entering students and their parents often have many questions about the Mines computing environment — everything from what kind of computer to bring to campus to network access to when computer labs are open.

Our new student FAQ document is updated in the late spring or early summer each year and tries to answer your questions. Select any question below to be taken to the most recently posted response. If you have a question about computing or networking at Mines that doesn’t appear here, please fill out a Mines Help Center request and we will respond as soon as we can.

  1. What am I expected to know about computers when, or soon after, I start school?
  2. What campus computing accounts do I need?
  3. What should I familiarize myself with when I arrive on campus?
  4. I’m bringing my own computer, why do I need to create e-mail and ADIT accounts?
  5. I already have a personal e-mail address.  Why should I activate a Mines e-mail account?
  6. What will my e-mail address be?  When can I start using it? How do I get started?
  7. Can I get a personal web page area on school servers? 
  8. What email system and/or email protocol should I use?
  9. Do you provide any methods to limit or reduce spam email?
  10. Do I need to have my own computer at School and if so, what kind?
  11. I’m buying a new computer, what configuration do you recommend? Are discounts available to students?
  12. I already own a computer, will it be good enough?
  13. Would it be better to bring a desktop or a laptop?
  14. Should I bring a printer with my computer?
  15. Do you provide any free software?
  16. Can I access files on school servers from my own PC?
  17. What steps can I take to protect my computer in my room?
  18. Do you have service facilities if my computer needs to be repaired?
  19. Are all campus housing units connected to the campus network? 
  20. I’m living in a residence hall or Mines Park. How do I connect to the network?
  21. What hardware and software do I need to use the campus housing network?
  22. How secure will my computer be on the campus network?
  23. How do I access the network if I live at home, off-campus, or in housing without a direct network connection?
  24. I’m bringing a laptop and I want to use it in different locations on campus.  How do I do that?
  25. Is wireless network access available?
  26. I have more than one computer – can I install a hub or wireless access point in my room?
  27. Can I offer services through my computer?
  28. What am I not allowed to do on the network?
  29. What computers do I have access to?  Where are the computer labs? When are they open?
  30. Can I look at my schedule and personal information on the web? Can I register for classes on the web?
  31. What constitutes a good password?
  32. Do you have resources to help me give presentations in class or do special project work?