Upcoming Projects

classroom building and parking garage II

The Classroom Building and Parking Garage II project strives to alleviate two primary space shortages on campus:  classroom space and parking space.  The building will add four 100-seat classrooms, four 45-seat classrooms, and one 200-seat lecture hall/active learning classroom to the Mines classroom inventory.  These nine classrooms will solve major scheduling issues and provide students with state of the art education spaces.  The fourth floor will contain office space facilitate co-location of interdisciplinary research groups and foster collaboration across departments.  The parking garage will contain over 800 spaces, raising the net campus parking spaces by more than 300 spaces.  

early childhood education center

The Mines Early Childhood Education Center will provide services for all Mines faculty, staff, and students.  The 11,000 square foot center has the capacity for 104 students, from infants to 5-year-olds.   The Center will:

  • Create a safe, secure, and clean environment
  • Provide a sensory learning environment
  • Be a facility that connects to the outdoors and community
  • Offer opportunities for engagement in outdoor environment

labriola innovation complex

The facility will be a place for “Mines faculty, students, industry partners and alumni work together in an inspiring environment to make an impact.”  To fulfill this vision, the Innovation Hub will:   

  • Be a connector, engaging the campus as a whole to enable cross disciplinary intersections as people pursue their passions.
  • Foster an entrepreneurial, solutions-oriented mindset; developing young, visionary leaders who can identify the critical problems facing society, and develop and implement solutions to solve them.
  • Respect the technical heritage of the institution while looking to the future.  It will support both design-build and computational exploration and innovation in an environment that is more than a maker space.
  • Be a showcase for the collaboration and innovation that occurs within it.
  • Engage resources beyond the campus proper, providing a venue for students to receive mentorship from alumni and to engage with industry as they develop their ideas.
  • Be an open environment here students, faculty, staff, and other members of the Mines community can create and build with few barriers

Beck Venture center

Following on the concepts being taught at McNeil Hall, to the product prototyping at the Labriola Innovation Hub, the Venture Center is the next step in bringing ideas to life.  The center will be the first university based incubator in the Denver/Metro area and will provide a place for Mines students to receive mentorship as they build business ventures around their ideas.   

energy and MINerals research facility

The EMRF is slated to be the world’s leading destination for geoscience research related to the earth’s subsurface, and will combine MINES’ world-class programs in geoscience and the United States Geological Survey’s (USGS) impartial scientific research in a unique opportunity to establish a national center with the best researchers and finest equipment, which will fundamentally transform applied geoscience research.

Town Hall Presentation