Personal Web Sites

Students, faculty and staff members are encouraged to obtain a personal web site to publish and communicate their interests and contact information. CCIT provides support servcies for personal web sites, but the owner of the site is responsible for its content, subject to certain rules and regulations noted below.

The previous method for obtaining a personal website
(using the Personal Home Page Creation Tool)

is no longer valid as of 1 Oct 2018.
See below for the NEW process.


Colorado School of Mines now offers the ability to create a personal website in our new WordPress web environment for all members of the Mines community. (This will replace any personal website / homepage you may currently have on Mines servers. See details about the elimination of the old personal websites below.)

If you would like to make use of this new service, please follow these steps:

  1. Please read our Appropriate Use Policy at:
    Proceeding further presumes your agreement to this policy.
  2. In your browser, navigate to and login with your Mines MultiPass credentials. (If you are a DUO multi-factor-authentication user, you will need to respond to that prompt.)
  3. Submit a Helpdesk support request at to let us know you’re interested in a personal website and have completed Steps 1 & 2. We will create a generic “sample” site for you and give you permissions to edit it. This site contains the following parts:
    • Text section – page header with a name (required)
    • Image section (for a personal photo)
    • Contact information section: phone and email (required) – plus department, office location, and other pertinent information as desired
    • Separate sections (as needed) for such items as:
      • Education
      • Research
      • Publications
      • Interests

You are welcome to modify this format but you must retain Mines branding, including logos, colors, the top header, and the bottom footer with full disclaimer.

The URL of your new personal website will be

Information on editing your new website is available here:

If you have an existing site at, you are responsible for migrating your content from there to the new system. This process must be completed by January 31, 2019, at which point your page(s) will be deleted. Once you have migrated your content, let us know and we will put a redirect in place so that all traffic to your old site will be forwarded to your new site. (You’re also welcome to do this yourself if you know how.)

If you have an existing site at, but choose not to migrate it to the Mines WordPress system, your existing site will be removed February 1, 2019. If you prefer that it be deleted sooner, please let us know at

Questions? Ask for more details at