Office of Budget and Financial Planning

The Budget Office is your strategic partner at Mines for achieving the institution’s mission. We are dependable, compassionate, and creative as we:

  • Set the standard of budgeting best practices
  • Financial planning for strategic decision making
  • Lead cooperative and open communication
  • Provide knowledge to our campus partners
  • Allocate resources responsibly
  • Report and analyze data accurately to tell the Mines’ story

State of Mines Budget

Due to the high level of uncertainty regarding the final state budget and funding for higher education, this site was developed to provide an open look at the school’s developing plans to adapt to current and future financial challenges. This site provides Mines’ faculty, staff and students with the latest and most accurate information on the state budget and how it impacts the school.

Contact Us

Christopher Stoppel
Director of Budget and Financial Planning
Office: GH 125

Shelley K. Durig Tadla, CPA
Principal Budget and Financial Analyst – Financial Reporting
Office: GH 125

Parvati Nimbargi
Senior Budget & Financial Analyst, Student Life & Auxiliaries
Office: SC E140

Tom B. Espinoza, MBA
Budget Analyst – Athletics
Office: Volk 320

Senior Budget Analyst, Academic Affairs
Office: GH 125


Jenna Pratt
Senior Budget Analyst, Academic Affairs
Office: GH 125

Frederick Deschenes
Budget Analyst, Academic Affairs
Office: GH 125

Lindsay Buyserie
Senior Budget Analyst – FA&O, RTT, and President
Office: GH 125