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The EduCAN is a modular device based on a sub-orbital compact satellite that gives STEM education opportunities for educators in middle and high school. The device gives hands on experience with integrated circuits, coding, and data acquisition. This device is capable of a range of complexity to accommodate for the variety of ages that will handle the EduCAN. The EduCAN team worked closely with Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen, Colorado Space Grant Consortium, and Warren Tech to develop functional prototypes based off the requirements and needs of the classroom applications. The team has successfully launched a prototype into the atmosphere with the Colorado Space Grant Consortium to improve the design of the EduCAN and gather data for stakeholders. The EduCAN challenges the traditional approach to STEM education by increasing accessibility of hands-on learning opportunities.

Team Members

  • Galen Stevenson
  • Mia Donato
  • Sean Gilpatrick
  • Shu Ee Ong
  • Salwa Aletani

The Client

  • Colorado School of Mines Humanitarian Engineering


Project Advisor: Dr. Kevin Moore

Technical Advisor: Dr. Antonie Vandenberge

Donations Made by: Colorado School of Mines Humanitarian Engineering