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F19-25 Camp Eden


The Beth Eden Camp Eden Baptist Church Camp (Camp Eden) is a property run by a local church, which holds youth programs and camps in the summer as well as other church-related activities year-round. Camp Eden had wanted to expand their buildings on their land to include a new garage for maintenance and a new site for an RV Park to help support church activities and generate funds for the church. When camp Eden executives were looking into the expansion and permitting process, they saw it was very involved and they needed help in multiple aspects. They brought this project to Mines so that a senior design group may help them. Our group’s goal when taking on this project was to update and complete a new survey of Camp Eden’s land and complete the process of the pre-permit approval to get it into Jefferson Counties’ system and set up Camp Eden to finish the permit process as our group graduates. The survey that was on record at Camp Eden had last been done in 1974 and had many inaccuracies in terms of well locations and site borders. Completing a new and accurate survey was one of many parts of the permit submittal process. Our group also completed detailed utility expansion plans for the garage and RV Park so that the correct permit could be obtained for the expansion. We also needed to complete other supplementary documents required for the pre-permit approval.

Team Members

  • Brandi Burnell
  • Amanda Clements
  • Harrion Kottenstette
  • Matthew Lyons
  • Taggert Myhre
  • Riley Wambach

The Client

  • Camp Eden – Carter Herling


We would like to thank everyone that helped us in completing this project. A big thanks to everyone at the Camp Eden site that has helped all year long. A big thank you to Carter Herling for laying out the project and helping us with any information and documentation that we needed. Thank you to our technical consultant, Prof. Jeff Holley, for all the help with the survey and the surveying equipment. Thank you to Shannon Hixon from Hixon Manufacturing for assisting us in the survey and creating a 4d drone created model for the camp.

Project Advisor: Marcus Florida

Technical Advisor: Prof. Jeff Holley

Donations Made by: Hixon Manufacturing



Elevator Pitch

The Camp Eden project focuses on surveying the property and outlining steps for expansion of the camp. This was to be completed going through the county for permitting, updating the site survey which was last done in the 1970s, and gathering all documentation that pertains to the property. Our ‘design’ focused first on the survey, which took multiple visits to complete via GPS and drone. Following that, the team worked to scope out all the utilities and property features, and develop a detailed and comprehensive documentation package to hand over to the client upon completion of the semester. Using this documentation, we applied for the special use permit through Jefferson County that is needed for the camp to expand as desired. The team is currently working on organizing the documentation in the best way for the camp to use it in the future. We are also working with the county to ensure that the permit application has all documentation needed and the permit will transition into the approval stage, which will allow for the camp expansion. This project was a great, unique project which introduced us to multiple engineering methods, and allowed us to also see the complicated process of permit submittal through our local government, a useful skill that will be needed throughout our careers and lives.

Design Approach

This project’s first main aspect was to fulfill all permit requirements to allow the camp to expand and submit the documentation to the county. There were not any design decisions to make but instead documents to submit. Engineering analysis did come into play, as the team had to research codes at the national, state, and local levels and decide which ones were the strictest, so they could be used for the expansion plan. Preliminary code calculations were made to find wastewater, well, and electricity requirements for the new buildings.

The project’s second main aspect had the team decide which survey to conduct on the property. This “complete survey” was to be submitted to the county, thus the route taken for this must align with the specifications set by the county for the special use permit submittal. When the team researched Jefferson County requirements, it was found that the submittal must follow the process set by the Special Use Application in conjunction with the Zoning Resolution. The Happy Campers researched survey options to find the best solution. The most feasible and detailed survey found was an ALTA survey. An ALTA survey includes a detailed boundary survey along with all easement lines, the locations of improvements on the property, roads, and utility lines. Given the extensive details of an ALTA survey and recommendation from Happy Camper’s teaching assistant, Professor Jeff Holley, the team decided to perform an ALTA survey for submitting the permit.

Design Solution

Along with the ALTA survey, a compressive 4D model of the property will be used to show the elevation changes within the property boundaries. The 4D model had to be used due to the terrain of the property being unconducive for typical surveying that provides elevation change. This model was completed using a drone to take pictures of the property. The drone imaging was then matched to GPS coordinates of the property to get exact locations of landmarks at the camp. The building corners will allow easier planning of expansion for phase two of the camp after the application process has been completed. This is what led the team to create a full Alta survey site plan, written restrictions, and a cover letter as a part of the solution to this project. This solution was decided upon by looking at the project boundaries displayed below in Table 1.

 Table 1: Camp Eden Project Boundaries and Characteristics

Main Project Idea



Definition of Done

Complete Survey

ALTA Requirements

Permit Submittal

Utilities Analysis/Expansion Plan

RV, Garage and Road Plot Plans, Water Supply, Electrical Supply, and Septic Tank Preliminary Sizing Requirements Per Colorado Code

Current Utility Analysis (New Buildings Require New Utilities)

Preliminary Sizing Requirements, Utilities Companies Contacts

List of Future Steps

High-Level Timeline of Building and Utility Construction

Construction Details

Encompasses Near Future for Camp


 All plans for expansion of utilities were all decided upon using the requirements of the county. The locations were determined via the requests of the client. Calculations were performed to meet the set specifications. shown below in Table 2.  

Table 2: Codes for utility expansion, RV Park and Garage





RV Park + Garage


6 CCR 1010-9 [3]

Per this code, plan on a multiplier of 16 (15 RV hookups + garage) on these specs, so 20 PSI and 16 GPM total water supply.


1973 National Electrical Code


This code supplies all guidelines for electricity for the garage and RV hookups.



5 CCR 1002-43 [5]

Office buildings per employee per eight-hour shift 15 GPM .06 BOD. 

RV Park


5 CCR 1002-43 [5]

Travel trailer parks with individual water and sewage hookup per unit ** 50 GPM .12BOD

 The final survey and supporting documentation was submitted for pre-approval as a “Special Use Permit” to Jefferson County. The submittal can be viewed here under the case number: 20-104069PA. The design solution includes the permit application, survey of the camp, expansion plan, 4D model, and future steps to start Camp Eden expansion. Documentation is shown below and the 4D model can be viewed here.

Next Steps

The next steps in this permit process are going to be working with the county to incorporate their feedback and create additional documents they requested. There are four main initial comments that need to be addressed: 1) A Wastewater Assessment and additional permit, 2) Wildfire Mitigation Plan, 3) Notarized Environmental Questionnaire, and 4) Permit Reasoning and Write-Up. The Wastewater Assessment requires an additional permit, as expansions to the site wastewater plan are being made. This permit will include an updated plan and calculations. Wildfire mitigation is currently being conducted at the Camp Eden site, by Carter Herling. This action needs to be documented and summarized in writing. Carter will also finish off the Environmental Questionnaire and the reasoning writeup. Once these actions are completed, along with any added requests by the county, the next submission to Jefferson County can be completed to receive the special use permit.

Meet the Team

Riley Wambach

   Riley Wambach is a a senior at Colorado School of Mines majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Taggert Myhre

Taggert Myhre is a senior at Colorado School of Mines graduating in Mechanical Engineering.

Matthew Lyons

Matthew Lyons is a senior at Colorado School of Mines majoring Civil Engineering.

Harrison Kottenstette

Harrison Kottenstette is a senior at Colorado School of Mines majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Amanda Clements

Amanda Clements is a senior at Colorado School of Mines majoring in Environmental Engineering.

Brandi Burnell

Brandi Burnell is a senior at Colorado School of Mines majoring in Environmental Engineering.