Web Services

The Colorado School of Mines, like most institutions, does not have just a single web site or web server. Web pages within the mines.edu domain are distributed among many servers across the campus. Our primary web site, http://www.mines.edu is hosted in the cloud and is maintained and managed by the Communications Office, with the web pages themselves being maintained and managed by many individuals and campus groups.

In addition to maintaining web servers and web server software, CCIT provides support to campus individuals and groups so that the individuals and groups can create and maintain web pages with relevant information about themselves, courses, research and group or department activities.

For information about obtaining a web site, see one of the below pages:

For information about web sites on other campus web servers contact the following groups:

See all our guides to working with WordPress in the Mines environment.

For technical information about www.mines.edu and the other Mines web servers that are maintained by CCIT, please submit a Helpdesk request.