Thanks, Orediggers!

Thanks, Orediggers!

Amelia Read

I am posting this as a Ph.D. student at Mines (though I am also teaching faculty). This semester I took CSCI 406, Algorithms, as a remote student. Dr. Dinesh Mehta, the instructor, did a phenomenal job to provide us not only with great videos with slides superimposed in post-processing to great effect, but also interacting with us via Zoom to provide us with direction and assistance on the worksheets that made it an active classroom. His flipping of exams to handle the open-book nature was also extremely well done and much appreciated. It’s clear he cares about students and providing a high-quality experience to all of us. As a remote student, I appreciate his efforts as it ensured I could keep my aging parents safe while providing them the assistance they needed this semester.

Veronica Eliasson

I have no idea how she does it — but she stays on top of the process and several steps ahead — so we as faculty are incredibly lucky to have ORA Staff like Lauren Kitchen. She manages to submit fantastic proposals and white papers during the hairiest deadlines I can imagine. I could not do this without you! Many thanks!!!

Karen Dixon

My daughter, Maggie, was ill the week before Thanksgiving and Julie Engerman was instrumental in helping Maggie receive a proper diagnosis and treatment. Julie kept in touch with Maggie all week, advocated for her to receive additional testing and care throughout the week, and help Maggie coordinate between Urgent Care and Mines Student Health. We are so grateful for and impressed with the dedication and care that Ms. Engerman showed Maggie, especially at time when I am sure health services...

Rob Thompson

I want to give a shoutout to all of the student employees who work in the Rec. Sports Department. They have done an amazing job this semester operating Intramurals, Club Sports, Fitness, Aquatics, the Student Rec. Center and the Outdoor Rec. Center. This semester has brought lots of change and challenges; regardless the student employees of Rec. Sports have done their very best to provide the campus community with the finest possible recreational opportunities. Thank you for all of your...