Office of Global Initiatives and Business Development

Connecting Mines with partners around the world

Office of
Global Initiatives and Business Development

Connecting Mines with partners around the world

Mines supports the world’s need for economic prosperity through scientists and engineers who create knowledge and deliver solutions.

Vice President
for Global Initiatives

Welcome to the Office of Global Initiatives and Business Development. We support a wide range of projects that include leadership for some of society’s most pressing problems, technical and policy capacity building in the developing world, educational partnerships, continuing professional education, and conference services for a wide range of topics. We work closely with Mines’ Academic Affairs and Office of Research and Technology Transfer to build and manage projects and partnerships.

Our mission is to work with partners to create the opportunities needed to realize their personal, corporate, or government visions. If you are interested in partnering with one of the world’s best science and engineering universities to develop your project, please contact us for a discussion of the possibilities.

Our Strategic Priorities

Increasing prosperity and quality of life globally through science and engineering

Creating opportunities for students to build cultural and technical understanding through global exploration

Building partnerships to advance the frontiers of technical innovation and entrepreneurship

Advocating for a scientific, data-driven approach
to solutions for the global energy future.

Where We Are

This map highlights many of the countries we are currently engaging with. Do you have any global connections? Let’s chat!


Office of Global Initiatives

John Bradford
Vice President for Global Initiatives

Office of Global Education

David Wright
Assistant Vice President for Global Education

Office of Global Initiatives

Will Fleckenstein
Director of Strategic Business Development
Research | GeoThermOPTIMAL

Mines Online

Sam Spiegel
Assistant Vice President for Online Education

Mines: A Global University


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