New Equipment Review and Approval Process

Initiate and Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) Division review prior to purchasing, obtaining, or accepting new or donated equipment.

Why is this necessary?

  • To ensure the continued safety of the campus community
  • To verify that equipment meets environmental compliance
  • To verify that appropriate facility, utility, and fire protection systems are in place to effectively operate the equipment

How to determine if an Operations Review is Required:

Review this decision logic matrix to determine if your equipment must undergo an I&O review.


  • Make sure you have identified a location for your equipment
  • Start the process early; even if you don’t know the exact piece of equipment, you can start the process early and I&O can advise

 How to initiate a review:

  1. Log in to FAMIS (Click “Submit a Work Order” in the top menu bar)
  2. Click “Create Request”
  3. For “Type” select “Approvals”
  4. For “Sub Type” select “Equipment Acquisition”
  5. When you hit “Submit,” a form will pop up; fill in as much information as you can
  6. After you submit the request, you can go back in and add attachments and check on the status of the review

Who does this review?

Environmental Health & Safety
Facilities Management

Need a review? Submit a work request.

  • Access the Mines Work Order System from Trailhead (select FAMIS from the Trailhead Go Bar)
  • Direct Link to FAMIS (log in with Trailhead credentials)