Rates and Dates Laboratory

Colorado School of Mines

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The Rates and Dates (RaD) Lab is a research group in the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. We are a group of paleoglaciologists and isotope geochemists focused on deciphering what glaciers and ice sheets were doing in the few thousand years before we started watching. 

Explore our page to learn about the projects we are working on, the tools we use, and some of our recent findings!

Methods and Areas of Focus

Ramped pyrOx


Subglacial access


Antarctic glacial history


Get in touch:

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to get in touch with us about our science and our laboratory capabilities. If you are a student interested in pursuing graduate studies with the RaD crew, applications are typically due December 15 each year. We recommend reviewing the Graduate School Application Station for help with planning and applying to graduate school. If you are looking for postdoctoral research opportunities, we are always happy to discuss ideas for fellowship proposals that we may be able to support. Consider checking out the NSF EAR, NSF OPP, and NOAA fellowship programs!

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