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Dr. Andres Guerra

Dr. Andres Guerra


”Professor Guerra aims to provide a powerful way to drive innovation at Mines to achieve excellence in increasing and promoting diversity on campus in a unique way that will meet the following Mines@150 initiatives in order to

1) be a “Top-of-Mind and First-Choice” for students from all backgrounds
2) be accessible and attractive to qualified students of all backgrounds
3) strengthen affinity for Mines among our students
4) increase the ways that students get attracted to and prepared for Mines.

The program has two main thrusts to meet these initiatives:
1) engage current Mines students to return to their Alma Mater to mentor high school students from similar backgrounds on the college application process
2) develop a repository of efforts towards increasing and promoting diversity on the Mines campus to increase potential synergies and collaborations.

Year 1 Fellowship Update:

Mirror Mentoring at Mines has received a Dean’s fellowship to fund four Mines students in Spring ’23 and Fall ’23 to mentor high school juniors and seniors interested in STEM fields at three local high schools with diverse populations. The mentors’ primary purpose is to provide information about and available options regarding how to navigate the college application process and college system. Our current, near-term goal is to increase the number of high schools participating in the program through a commensurate increase in the number of Mines students serving as mentors. In turn, this will increase the program’s impact by reaching more high school students and also by providing financial support to more Mines students who serve as mentors. The Mines students in the program also receive academic and professional advising to support their success and to strengthen their belonging and position on the Mines campus.





Professor Smith will use the fellowship period to strengthen Mines’ ability to respond to calls for research at the intersection of energy and society. The societal dimensions of STEM are treated differently depending on context, from industry’s use of ESG and the social license to operate to the Justice40 requirements of DOE and other federal funding agencies. Professor Smith will amplify already existing Mines expertise in these areas, help faculty create new connections, and establish an intellectual community of practice. Specific activities may include generating resources for faculty to recognize and strengthen the inherent ESG and justice dimensions of their research, leading an interdisciplinary reading group, and hosting a speaker series to cement Mines’ position as a national thought leader in the social impact of STEM.